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Nexus 6, 6P And 5X Smartphones Users Can Order Custom Mobile Phone Cases Directly From Google

Google has introduced a new series of custom cases for the latest generation of Nexus 6, 6P and 5X devices. The new Live Cases models are cheaper than those previously released, and can be customized even more.

The cases are available in two categories, Places, and Photos, which can be customized online.

On Places, the users can print a favorite place from Google Maps. The colors and texture can be changed. The accessories can be ordered with a matte or glossy surface.

Photos cases can be customized with an image chosen by the user. Filters and colors can be also applied.

In both cases, Google offers a Live Wallpaper that includes the content printed on the case.

Both models have a hidden button on the back, which can also be customized. It can be used to launch the favorite application or a phone setting.

All cases cost $35 and can be ordered HERE.

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