Next Generation Chromecast on the Cards: FCC Drops a Surprise

A new FCC filing shows that it has currently passed a 4K ATV Stick. The pictures show something similar to a Chromecast HDMI dongle and have the Google G logo on it. This is a new Google dongle that can run Android TV and also comes with a remote, presenting the next generation Chromecast. It was spotted by Reddit user 513, showing all details about the upcoming device.

About the Dongle

It is surely a Google device unless someone has drastically infringed on Google’s trademark. The dongle comes with HDMI 2.0 connectivity to the TV and has a USB cable, which can be connected to the television or to the power supply.

Google TV dongle FCC

Technical Specifications

It also has a storage of 8 GB for games and apps and 2 GB RAM running on the Amilogic S905X chip. The specifications seen on the supposedly Google dongle is similar to the ones found on the Amazon Fire TV dongle released in 2017.

The new Google TV dongle runs on Android 8.0 Oreo software with the new user interface for Android television. It also has a remote with a Google Assistant access. Even the remote shows the Google ‘G’ logo on it. The design of the new dongle is similar to the current Chromecast, with the same round design with an attached HDMI.

The supposed Google Android television dongle offers support for video at 4K/60 frames per second and Shenzhen SEI, Robotics Company has manufactured it. It is clear that Google is not manufacturing the new dongle itself, as the Shenzhen SEI owns the FCC filing.

Amazon Fire TV dongle

Not Validated

However, ArsTechnica attempted to confirm these rumors about the next generation Chromecast with the Google Public Relations department. The PR department did not wish to make any comment on rumors.

So it is possible that there is some trademark infringement and some Chinese manufacturer will soon receive a lawsuit from Google. Alternatively, it is possible that Google will soon be presenting the latest Android TV stick.

Is it a Google Dongle?

The Google I/O is coming up within a month and it is widely expected that Google will reveal some more information about this mysterious Android TV dongle by then. Android TV very badly needs such a dongle, as the last one offered by the company was the Nexus Player. Also, it seems mysterious that Google has recently stopped major updates for the Nexus Player.

Additionally, a Chinese company manufacturing a device and FCC doing the paperwork has already occurred earlier with Google products. For instance, the Pixel Buds had been submitted to the FCC by the WeifangGoertek, Electronics Company.

Cost of the Device

Google has always been offering cheap and easy to use devices in the form of Chromecast. It looks as if the new Android TV dongle will be quite cheap. The size, as well as the specifications, is similar to the Amazon Fire Stick of 2017, which was sold at a price of $69 and can be bought at a sale price of $50. So it looks like the Google dongle will also be sold at a similar price.

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