Apple Rumored to Offer Five Different Color Options for its Upcoming iMac Models

The design of an electronic product might not be its biggest selling point. In a world in which .....

Apple Rumored to Offer Five Different Color Options for its Upcoming iMac Models

The design of an electronic product might not be its biggest selling point. In a world in which visual communication has become so important, companies are often under the pressure to offer the consumers the kind of electronic devices that would not only have high-end features and good specifications but would also boast of an attractive design.

Apart from ensuring that the product has a stylish or appealing design, these days manufacturing companies also make a lot of their products available in different colors. While a particular consumer might like to own something that has a minimalistic design to it, another consumer could veer towards something that is blingy and bright. By introducing a product in different colors, the company makes an attempt to and largely succeeds in broadening its customer base.

There has been a lot of speculation about all the different products Apple is expected to launch this year. While the Cupertino-based giant is known to remain very secretive about its products that are in the development stage, that does not stop publications and fans, in general, from making speculations. Many times, a lot of the rumors that float around turn out to be true.

At the moment, there is a lot of excitement around the next-generation Mac devices that Apple will be launching this year. A lot of speculation about the product also stems from the fact that it has begun the process of moving away from the components manufactured by Intel to the ones it is developing in-house like the Apple Silicon.

According to prominent leaker Jon Prosser, Apple will be launching the 2021 iMac models in as many as five different color variants – Sky Blue, Silver, Green, Space Gray, and Rose Gold. Interestingly, these were exactly the five colors in which the fourth-generation iPad Air was launched in.

Apple imac

Prosser has also put up a render featuring the five different color options that give an idea of how the upcoming models of the iMac might appear from the rear end. It must be mentioned here that these images shared by Prosser are largely speculative and are aimed at giving people an idea of the kind of colors the new models will be endowed with. As of now, Apple has managed to protect the new design of the product and it has not fallen into the hands of the leakers yet.

Prosser is of the opinion that apart from market capitalization, there is another important reason why Apple has decided to go for multiple color options for the upcoming iMac model. According to him, the company is trying to cash in on the nostalgia which the consumers feel for the original iMac which arrived in a host of interesting color options like Lime, Tangerine, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Grape.

The upgraded versions of iMacs will reportedly feature thinner bezels and will run on Apple Silicon chips. While there is confidence in the trade about the new models being launched this year, there is no clarity about the exact date at the moment.

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