Spotify Plans to Launch ‘HiFi’ Streaming Option in the Latter Half of 2021

With CDs and other forms of physical media being a thing of the past, most people across the world .....

Spotify Plans to Launch ‘HiFi’ Streaming Option in the Latter Half of 2021

With CDs and other forms of physical media being a thing of the past, most people across the world consume music via digital or online platforms now. In such a competitive scenario, streaming apps keep trying out different ways to upgrade themselves so that they can cater to the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of those who consume music.

The Sweden-based streaming platform Spotify has always been at the top of its game. It has managed to retain its position as one of the most popular streaming apps globally despite many new national and international streaming apps being launched in the last few years. The app was officially launched in the year 2008 and in these twelve years of its existence, it has managed to become a market leader in many ways.

With its new move, Spotify clearly aims to get ahead in the streaming race in a big way.

Yesterday, Spotify made an official announcement about planning to launch a new ‘HiFi’ premium tier in the latter half of this year. Once this feature is integrated into the app, users will have access to lossless audio. For the longest time, music buffs complained about audio streaming platforms playing compressed audio tracks. They missed the high-quality sound they were used to hear coming out from CDs that had lossless or uncompressed audio tracks.

With the introduction of this feature, they might not have this complaint from Spotify. Spotify has claimed that by using this particular option, users will have access to lossless audio tracks that would offer better clarity and depth.

While this initiative is bound to get lauded by the musicians’ community and music fans alike, it must be noted that it would not be the first music streaming app to integrate this feature. In the past, music streaming apps like Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer have provided their users with the option of listening to lossless audio tracks. Spotify and Apple are two of the major music streaming services that still do not offer such options.

As Apple Music has always been a close rival to Spotify, it is expected to gear up into action and start working towards providing listeners with higher quality streaming options. Whether it manages to launch a similar feature before Spotify or waits for the Swedish-based company to make the first move is something time will tell. With companies like Apple launching high-end headphones that are built with the purpose of playing or listening to lossless audio, it is high time streaming services make a dedicated effort towards providing users with the option of listening to music in its purest and most refined form.

Spotify has not given any statement on whether there would be a hike in the subscription rates once this new feature comes into place. The lossless audio tier being offered by Amazon Music is available at $14.99 per month. If you are a Prime subscriber, you will get a discounted price of $12.99. For a similar service, Tidal asks its users to pay $19.99 per month. Deezer offers a high-fidelity plan which is priced at $14.99.

The company announced the integration of the HiFi audio option at its ‘Stream On’ event which can be watched on YouTube. At the same event, the company also stated that it is planning to penetrate into more than 80 markets in different continents like Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. The official website of Spotify will soon publish a list of all the countries in which the music streaming service will be launched this year.

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