LG Stops Development Work on Three Upcoming Phones Including the LG Rollable

It has been around a year since one first got to hear about the rollable smartphone that was being .....

LG Stops Development Work on Three Upcoming Phones Including the LG Rollable

It has been around a year since one first got to hear about the rollable smartphone that was being developed by LG. Since then, there have been numerous occasions on which one heard about the development process and other details related to the smartphone. Sometimes, the information was official and at times, unsubstantiated rumors are what one came across. The buzz kept growing with time and consumers were keenly looking forward to seeing how this futuristic device shapes up.

While LG was developing the rollable smartphone, it had also begun development work on two other smartphones that were touted to boast of state-of-the-art technology and high-end features. Though not much was known about these two devices, since they were expected to be launched around the same time as the LG Rollable, they would have been surely as exciting as this device which one at least had some information about.

With the launch of these three smartphones, 2021 was all set to be an eventful year for LG. However, that is something that is not likely to happen now.

According to a report published in the portal BizChosun, LG has decided to pull the plug on the development work happening on three OLED display projects. These OLED displays were touted to be mounted on the company’s upcoming smartphones. The LG Rollable was supposed to feature it and so did some of the other foldable devices the company was supposed to launch this year. These projects were jointly developed by LG in association with reputed display manufacturing company BOE. At the moment, BOE is reportedly is reviewing the cost of developing these projects with LG. The company feels that the cost projects at the moment are slightly high and could be brought down.

The major reason behind LG stopping the development work on these projects is supposed to be a slowdown in its mobile division. In the last couple of years, the company has registered a decline in sales in its smartphone business. This was the reason why LG was trying to launch smartphones that would be innovative and offer something new to consumers. That, it hoped, would help in bringing some of its customers back in its fold.

However, the company’s enthusiasm and hope to bounce back suffered a jolt with the overwhelming response to some of its devices like the LG Wing. That, perhaps, prompted the company to control its expenditure and stop development-based processes for some time. At the time of CES 2021, LG had put out a teaser for the first rollable smartphone to be launched by the company. There was a scope to expand or shrink back the display screen in this device.

Right now, there is no clarity on the kind of amount BOE will ask LG to pay for its services in developing this project. According to an industry insider, each smartphone model will cost around 10 million dollars to be made. Therefore, BOE is likely to charge a reasonable amount from LG. At one go, 100,000 units are expected to be produced. However, with the development process coming to a halt, one does not know when will this project finally come to life.

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