Leaked Images of Third-Generation AirPods Offer a Glimpse Into New Design and Key Details

The wireless earphones by Apple, widely known as AirPods, have emerged as one of the most popular .....

Leaked Images of Third-Generation AirPods Offer a Glimpse Into New Design and Key Details

The wireless earphones by Apple, widely known as AirPods, have emerged as one of the most popular and highest-selling products by the tech giant. When a product becomes extremely successful, the company tries to think of new ways to upgrade it or present a newer or improved version of it in front of the consumers. The enormous popularity of the AirPods has driven Apple towards coming up with a third-generation model of the AirPods.

Whenever a new model of a popular electronic product is about to be launched, it generates a lot of curiosity. Apart from new or improved features, users also expect an improvement in a few other areas like the design of the product. While a user is more likely to invest in a new model of an electronic product he already owns for its features and specifications, a more attractive design definitely raises its commercial value.

Now, certain images, which are reportedly those of the AirPods 3 have leaked online and have attracted a lot of attention. If these pictures are accurate, the next-generation wireless earphones by the Cupertino-based tech giant will boast of a new design. As per the images that have been leaked, the soon-to-be-launched AirPods will have a flat edge. There will also be a minor change as far as the positioning of the sensors in the device is concerned.

As soon as there were reports about Apple launching a third-generation model of its wireless earphones, the rumor mill went into overdrive and started reporting about things one should expect in the next-generation earphones. These pictures state that some of the rumors might just be true. One of the confirmed rumors includes the information about the Apple AirPods 3 featuring a shorter-sized stem and the device facilitating the use of replaceable ear tips. For the longest time, AirPods Pro was the only device by the company in which one could use replaceable ear tips.

An online report states that the upcoming AirPods model will offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). One expects Apple to pack in a bunch of other premium features to justify the price at which these devices will be sold at. The price of the next-generation devices would be higher than the last released models and in the current scenario, Apple will have to work harder towards incorporating something that would get consumers interested in them.

As far as the charging case is concerned, it strongly resembles the AirPods Pro case which has a rectangular frame. On the front, the case features a charging light which suggests the possibility of the earphones facilitating wireless charging.

There were strong rumors about Apple working towards introducing an upgraded lineup of audio products to the consumers. Now, it has been reported that the second-generation and the third-generation Airpods might get an official launch in early 2021. Apple has not offered any clarity on the launch dates yet but there is a buzz about the company introducing the new AirPods models sometime in the next few weeks.

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