Apple Looking Into ‘Pink Squares’ Emerging on M1 Mac Mini Connected Display Screens

A while back, service providers had reported about the emergence of ‘pink squares or pixels’ on .....

Apple Looking Into ‘Pink Squares’ Emerging on M1 Mac Mini Connected Display Screens

A while back, service providers had reported about the emergence of ‘pink squares or pixels’ on display screens that were in direct connection with the M1 Mac mini. According to them, whenever one would connect a display screen to an M1 Mac mini, certain objects that looked like pink-colored squares would appear almost immediately. MacRumors, an online publication that publishes news and reports on Apple devices, recently managed to get hold of an internal memo of Apple in which the company has addressed this particular issue faced by service providers.

In the recent past, several users who faced this problem reported this issue and even wrote elaborately about it on different platforms like the Apple Support Communities, Reddit and the various forums on MacRumors. The number of users or service providers reporting about the problem served as a testimony to the fact that this has been quite a commonly occurring problem for some time. The M1 Mac mini was introduced in the commercial market in November last year and since then, users of this device have been complaining about this issue.

While many technical experts have looked into this issue in the past, they could not really arrive at a probable cause. Based on the feedback given by the users, it seems that there is a higher chance of this problem occurring when display screens are connected by an HDMI cable. When a screen is connected by thunderbolt, there are lesser chances of the ‘pink squares’ appearing on your screen.

While Apple has assured users that it will fix the problem, it has not given a timeframe by which they can expect this issue to be resolved. The memo was published on February 19, around a week after the macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 was launched. As the M1 Mac mini came out way back in November, a lot of users have expressed disappointment at the company’s response to the grievance put across by them.

Apple, on its part, has assured them by stating that they are working actively on resolving this issue and since this is the first time they have encountered a problem of this nature, it will take a while for them to fully understand and resolve it. The way things stand, there is a good possibility of Apple finding a solution for this problem by the time the macOS Big Sur 11.3, which has been undergoing beta testing at the moment, gets ready for a launch.

Apple has also asked users to try out the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Switch on the sleep mode on the Mac mini
  • After two minutes, ‘wake up’ the system again
  • Get the display screen unplugged from the Mac mini and plug it back in after a minute or so
  • In the final step, adjust the resolution of the display screen by going to System Preferences > Displays

If the issue persists even after getting the Mac mini restarted, Apple advises users to carry out the aforementioned steps again.

This is not the first time one is hearing reports about connectivity issues with the M1 Mac devices. In the past, there have been reports about issues with the USB-C connectivity. There was also this particular instance in which Apple found it difficult to resolve some issues associated with the resolution of the ultrawide display screens on M1 Macs. Apple took cognizance of this issue when it was mass-reported by a large number of users.

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