Apple M1X Chipset Specifications Get Leaked Online Through Benchmark Platform

Recently, Apple introduced its M1 chipset in the commercial market. It happens to be the first .....

Apple M1X Chipset Specifications Get Leaked Online Through Benchmark Platform

Recently, Apple introduced its M1 chipset in the commercial market. It happens to be the first processor to be produced and get a launch under the Apple Silicon line-up. The M1 chipset has been designed by Apple keeping in mind the architecture of ARM. The chip has been built specifically for the latest models of the Mac computers and has been manufactured on a 5nm process. The main purpose behind developing the M1 chipset is to ensure that the Mac computers deliver better performance and at a higher speed.

The new chipset was launched around the same time when Apple introduced the last released models of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the market. The Cupertino-based tech giant also launched the Mac mini desktop computer around the same time. All these devices featured the M1 chipset. According to Johny Srouji, a senior executive at Apple, the company realized that apart from introducing devices with high-end features, it must also contribute towards the development of the kind of technology that helps these devices run more efficiently.

The introduction of the M1 chipset marked another important event in the company’s history. It was no longer dependent on its long-time partner Intel to provide it with chipsets. The kind of reception the M1 chipset got has encouraged it to work further in the development of chipsets and similar technology.

In 2021, Apple plans to introduce yet another Apple Silicon chipset and a bunch of other products by Mac. Though the company has not made any official announcement about this, a new leak has surfaced online. A lot of important information about the soon to be launched chipset has come to the fore because of this leak.

The chipset, which will be the successor to the M1 chipset, was recently seen on a benchmarking platform. However, it seems that the specifications as seen on the platform are not the final results. Therefore, it is important for one to be a little cautious while assessing the information.

According to this report, the chipset has been named ‘M1X’ and will feature a 12-core CPU. The M1 has an 8-core CPU, so there has definitely been an improvement here. The internal GPU of M1 had an 8-core GPU. This one is rumored to feature a 16-core GPU. There is some similarity with the M1 though. It is expected to boast a clock frequency of 3.2Ghz and built on a 5nm process.

CPU Monkey displayed the benchmark results of the upcoming chipset. The results have offered a glimpse into the M1X chipset’s pre-sample specifications. As stated earlier, it is yet to be found out as to how authentic this piece of information is.

The upcoming Apple Silicon chipset will reportedly power the soon-to-be-launched 14-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro and a bunch of 27-inch iMac devices. Since the M1 chipset was launched a while back, one could expect the M1X to arrive sometime in the near future but not very soon. It has also been heard that Apple is trying to develop other chips with different graphics processing.

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