A Rechargeable Remote Named Roku Voice Remote Pro Being Developed

Some feeds as seen on Reddit have pointed towards the possibility of Roku introducing a .....

A Rechargeable Remote Named Roku Voice Remote Pro Being Developed

Some feeds as seen on Reddit have pointed towards the possibility of Roku introducing a rechargeable remote control that would be compatible with its set-top boxes. This rechargeable remote control will reportedly be called Roku Voice Remote Pro. Unlike a regular remote, the Roku Voice Remote Pro will not be dependent on AAA batteries. The remote would feature a built-in battery that can be charged with the help of an USB cable.

There might have been several instances when you placed your remote somewhere, forgot about it, and then spent hours looking for it. With the Roku Voice Remote Pro, there would be no chance of you suffering from this ever again. The reason behind this is the fact that this rechargeable remote comes armed with a remote finding feature that would allow the user to give voice commands which would lead towards notifying and finding the remote. The remote will feature a microphone that would receive voice commands and transmit them to the remote’s internal system.

This rechargeable remote, which is expected to hit the market soon, would consist of dual programmable buttons and four pre-programmed buttons that will come in handy for streaming devices.

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is expected to be sold at $30. Keeping that in mind, the number of features it is expected to provide the user with is quite commendable. There is a well-positioned audio jack that would help in plugging in a wide variety of audio output devices. The users will also have the option of getting the shortcuts customized according to their preference. Owing to this, users will be able to create shortcuts on the viewing device which would be in line with their sense of aesthetics.

The high-end features will contribute greatly towards attracting those who have already used products manufactured by Roku and also those who are not even familiar with the line of products offered by the company.

A group of users got the chance to test the remote and all its features. All of them were pleased with the functionality of the device and wrote positive reviews about it.

A spokesperson from the company has stated that Roku always strives towards introducing the kind of products in the market that would boast high-end features and offer consumers something new. Because of this, he stated, all the products manufactured by the company go through various rounds of public testing.

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