Apple’s Foldable iPhone Might Offer Support For a Stylus Pen

For the last couple of years, Apple had been working on several ideas for a foldable iPhone. All .....

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Might Offer Support For a Stylus Pen

For the last couple of years, Apple had been working on several ideas for a foldable iPhone. All those years of brainstorming on several ideas seem to have taken the company in the right direction what with reports indicating towards the Cupertino-based giant launching a foldable phone on its own in the next couple of years. While the company has not issued any official statement about it, the media is quite positive about the developments taking place at a good pace.

Since the project has gathered speed recently, many news items are featuring unconfirmed rumors about it. Media agencies and different publications have put across a wide range of ideas about the foldable phone in the consumers’ minds. As stated earlier, Apple has not issued any clarification on this but there are some rumors which have a good chance of being true owing to the frequency and fervor with which they have been reported. One such unconfirmed but strong rumor is about the foldable device offering support for a stylus pen.

While there is a high probability for the foldable iPhone featuring stylus pen support, there is no clarity on whether the device will be compatible with the Apple Pencil or the company will introduce an all-new stylus pen that would go with the foldable iPhone. Apple Pencil, which was launched in the year 2015, works only with iPads manufactured by the company. The Apple Pencil looks similar to that of a pencil but has the kind of design that one would associate with an Apple manufactured product.

Recent reports suggest that Apple might have opted for a clamshell design, similar to the one the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has, for the upcoming foldable iPhone. It has also been heard that the device will feature a Ceramic shield glass that will be integrated into the device after cleaning it thoroughly with chemicals. The chemical treatment will also be done with the purpose of lending it the requisite to handle being folded and unfolded several times.

In recent times, many leading smartphone manufacturers launched foldable phones in the market marking the comeback of this device which had disappeared from the market for a while. It must be noted here that the prices of most of these phones are on the higher end. Apple seems to have observed this and that could be the reason it is striving towards making its foldable phones more affordable than the other devices in this segment.

Since Apple is planning to introduce its foldable phone in the market in 2023, the cost of acquiring the components will also drop down by then. That will further help the company in reducing the cost of production of the phones. If Apple comes across any hardware problem or any issue related to the production of the device, it could delay the launch of the phone further.

Apart from the foldable iPhone, Apple is also channelizing its energy towards the development of its ‘Apple Car’. The company was in advanced talks with Hyundai for a proposed partnership but the two companies could not arrive at an agreement.

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