Android 12 by Google Expected to Feature a ‘Material NEXT’ Design

Recently, Google shared a bunch of documents with its OEM partners. These documents contained .....

Android 12 by Google Expected to Feature a ‘Material NEXT’ Design

Recently, Google shared a bunch of documents with its OEM partners. These documents contained information related to the soon-to-be-launched Android 12 operating system. What these documents also featured were the images of the upcoming operating system. Somebody got hold of these documents and leaked the pictures that were in them. While Google might not be happy about these pictures being leaked, they have definitely added to the curiosity and interest people had regarding Android 12.

These images reveal a bunch of important details about Android 12 including the fact that its design would be slightly different from that of the last released version of the operating system. These design changes are due to the implementation of a system-level theme engine for the operating system. Because of this system-level change, apps were able to detect or figure out dark and light modes and change their appearance accordingly. Android 12 is expected to feature an improvised version of this theming functionality. In Android 12, the theme function is also expected to feature its own API.

According to a report published by XDA-Developers, there are chances of Google developing a new design for Android 12. The same report mentions that Google is referring to the newly implemented UI changes as the first step towards constructing the ‘road to Material NEXT’ UI.

‘Material’ happens to be the name of a design library put together by Google. Since its inception, Material has been upgraded several times and is now much polished than it was when it first launched. Today, a large number of applications owned by Google source out design structures from Material. At the moment, there is no confirmation from Google about the kind of upgrades or improvements the ‘Material NEXT’ will boast of but the leaked images point towards the implementation of several major changes.

Apart from some significant changes in the design, Google also has plans of integrating a bunch of new features into Android 12. The Lock Screen and Always-On Display will reportedly have several new features and layouts.

The leaks make one believe that Google has its focus set on bringing notifications on the user interface and making some significant changes in the Quick Settings panel. Android 12 will also have a feature called ‘letterbox’ which is supposed to be a fresh take on assembling different apps into a window or a frame.

There is some more information about the features owing to the leaks. The auto-rotation feature is expected to be there in a newer and improved avatar. There will be a Gaming Mode along with a ‘stashing’ feature added to the good old Picture-in-Picture mode. People who spend a lot of time on their phones should benefit from a feature called ‘Reduce Bright Colors’.

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