Facebook Developing its Own Smart Watch – Plans to Launch it in 2022

Ever since its launch in the year 2015, Apple Watch has gained tremendous popularity across the .....

Facebook Developing its Own Smart Watch – Plans to Launch it in 2022

Ever since its launch in the year 2015, Apple Watch has gained tremendous popularity across the globe. The company makes sure that the device gets regularly updated from time to time and a new model always comes equipped with the latest technology.

Apple successfully managed to disrupt the market by introducing its smartwatches and left its competitors forcing them to think about newer ideas and better ways to improve their product in order to withstand competition. According to trade analysts, more than 100 million people wear the Apple Watch today.

Sometimes, stiff competition in a particular segment also inspires companies to come up with something that would take the market by surprise. It has been learned that Facebook is working towards producing a smartwatch. According to a report published in The Information, the device will primarily be focused on messaging-based services and health and wellness features. People who wear it would have the facility to send messages to friends and acquaintances via Facebook-owned services like WhatsApp and Messenger. To avail of the messaging service, you would not need a tethered smartphone. All you would need is a good internet connection.

Fitness enthusiasts will benefit from many of the health and wellness features present in the watch. One of the prominent health features in the watch is a tracker that will give the user all the information they need about their workout session. Then, there would be another feature that would help you communicate with your trainer, at a faraway location, with effortless ease. Facebook has reportedly tied up with prominent fitness based companies like Peloton that will include their services on the watch. The watch is expected to be operated on Android software by Google.

In a bid to penetrate the market at a fast pace, Facebook is planning to price the device closer to what they will spend on manufacturing it. It adopted a similar pricing tactic for the Oculus headset. As of now, there is no information on what the final pricing of the product will be. The price of the smartwatches sold by its competitors ranges from $150 to $400+.

The one section of consumers to which the smartwatch might not appeal would be those who have raised concerns about the data collection techniques of Facebook. Recently, Amazon launched a ‘Halo’ fitness band that has been widely criticized for its invasive features. This would, however, not be the first time that Facebook would be venturing into the consumer hardware products space. In the past, it has launched a bunch of hardware products like the Oculus and Portal camera along with a series of tablet devices.

It is a given fact that once the Facebook smartwatch arrives in the market, it will be in direct competition with the Apple Watch which happens to be one of the most popular smart watched worldwide. Facebook is also said to be in the process of developing Ray-Ban branded smart glasses. These glasses would then face competition from a bunch of products developed by Apple that are expected to arrive in the market in the next couple of months.

According to reports, Facebook is aiming to roll out its smartwatch in the market in 2022. The confidence of the company in the smartwatch can be gauged by the fact that it is already planning a second-generation model that it hopes to launch in the market in 2023.

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