Apple Continues With its March Release Plans for ‘AirTags’ and iPad Pro

Tracking devices by Apple commonly referred to as ‘AirTags’, were supposed to be launched in .....

Apple Continues With its March Release Plans for ‘AirTags’ and iPad Pro

Tracking devices by Apple commonly referred to as ‘AirTags’, were supposed to be launched in the month of March. While the company did not make any statement about a change of plans in the release of ‘AirTags’, rumor mills went on an overdrive and indicated the possibility of the Apple products missing its release date. As it turns out, the rumors were nothing but the media’s imagination.

Recently, a well-known leaker stated that the much talked about ‘AirTags’ will be launched in March without any delay from the company’s end. What will also be released by Apple around the same time is an upgraded version of the iPad Pro. The holiday quarter of Apple turned out to be one of the most productive and rewarding quarters for the company. The global tech giant seems to be quite pumped up by the growth in its sales ratio and is gearing up to launch a bunch of new products with the commencement of the spring season.

In a tweet posted on February 12, 2021, Apple leaker Jon Prosser claimed that AirTags will be launched by Apple in the month of March and no later. Through the tweet, he also ruled out the possibility of any delays.

Apple fans were elated to receive this information from Prosser and responded to it quite enthusiastically. Many of them posed questions about some of the products Apple is expected to launch in the near future like the iPad Pro. He responded to the questions by stating that the updated iPad Pro will also be launched in the month of March.

In the last 18 months, many leakers have published information about the upcoming AirTags by Apple. Most of the leakers, including Prosser, have stated confidently that the product is in its final shape and would have been launched much little earlier by Apple if there was no Covid-19 crisis. Once AirTags come out, one would be in a better position to describe it properly. As of now, it has been understood to be a device tracker that will be used in locating devices with the help of Apple’s FindMyApp.

With the aim to wave off any concerns related to the security or privacy of the users, Apple recently carried out an update on the FindMy app which enables third-party devices to use the system. A pair of earbuds manufactured by Belkin is one of the first prominent third-party devices to have access to the system.

There is very little information available about the next-generation iPad Pro at the moment. If rumors are to be believed, it will support 5G connectivity and instead of LCD screens that one came across in the older models, it will feature mini LED. There is also a very good chance of the device running on upgraded processors. An upgraded version of the A14 processor might be used.

Twitter users did not refrain from asking questions about the next-generation iPhone to Prosser. One user, in particular, asked whether the much talked about ‘iPhone Fold’ will come out in 2022. Prosser’s response to this question was a simple ‘no’.

Another user quizzed Prosser about Touch ID making a comeback to the iPhone series. To this, Prosser replied with a ‘yep’.

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