Intel Makes Fun of Apple M1 Chip with its Ad Campaign Titled ‘You’re Not On A Mac’

Last year, Apple and Intel ended their partnership after the former made an announcement about .....

Intel Makes Fun of Apple M1 Chip with its Ad Campaign Titled ‘You’re Not On A Mac’

Last year, Apple and Intel ended their partnership after the former made an announcement about manufacturing new MacBooks with the help of its own Apple Silicon. Apple introduced new models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which are now powered by the M1 chip since October 2020. Ever since it was launched, the M1 chip has been garnering highly positive reviews for the high efficiency and stable energy it has showcased.

Mostly, when a partnership between two companies comes to an end or things turn sour between two established entities, they take digs at each other indirectly. Intel seems to believe that there is no harm in doing this. The multinational company, which is headquartered in America, has launched a new campaign called ‘You’re Not On A Mac’. Through this campaign, Intel is mocking Apple in a subtle manner.

The ‘You’re Not On A Mac’ campaign puts a spotlight on the activities you cannot do while using an M1 Mac. Through this extensive campaign, Intel aims to make people aware that they can expect to find the features only on a Windows PC. According to Intel, businesses that run ad campaigns on social networking websites should only use a Windows PC. The company has also asserted that Mac is not the most suitable device for certain professionals like gamers and engineers.

Here is a closer look at this much talked about ad campaign launched by Intel.

As stated earlier, the ad campaign takes a dig at Apple and talks about the shortcomings in the M1 Mac. In a series of ads, Intel listed down the benefits of using a Windows PC powered by Intel over a Mac.

The campaign showcases tasks and activities that only a Windows PC can carry out in an optimal manner. The chip manufacturing company, through a video, brought to fore the qualities that Windows PC is unbeatable at. In the video, it demonstrated the fact that the Windows PC features USB ports, touch-screen and offers support for the eGPU and stylus pen.

The aforementioned features are not present on the M1 powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The two devices USB Type-C ports, the number of which could vary depending on the configuration and model of the device.

“If you can power a rocket launch and launch Rocket League, you’re not on Mac”, read a tweet posted by the company’s official Twitter account. According to Intel, Mac is not powerful enough to cater to the requirements of gamers or engineers who use the system extensively. Since last year, The Rocket League has been discontinued for macOS.

Intel published benchmark scores last week to claim that it was far more superior to the Apple M1 chip. The results from Benchmark show the areas in which Intel is doing better than Apple. As far as gaming performance is concerned, there is not much of a difference between the two processors as both utilize integrated graphics.

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