Google’s Dark Mode for its Search Engine Currently Being Tested

When you have been a frequent visitor to a website or a search engine for a long time, you do .....

Google’s Dark Mode for its Search Engine Currently Being Tested

When you have been a frequent visitor to a website or a search engine for a long time, you do expect it to evolve in terms of design, colors, and style. Content shall always remain the most important aspect but when it is presented in an attractive and appealing manner, you feel like spending more time there. The content on a website or a webpage should be engaging and its design and other material like the layout and colors in the background should be appealing to the readers’ eyes.

For years now, Google has managed to retain its position as the no.1 search engine on the internet. Apart from being an efficient search engine that helps you find exactly what you are looking for, Google has experimented with its look and also thrown up a few surprises from time to time. This has definitely contributed towards making the extremely popular search engine it is today.

There have been several instances in the past when Google did a bunch of interesting things like tweaking its logo, as seen on the search engine page, to celebrate the achievement of a sportsperson or pay tributes to a music legend on his birth anniversary. Now, it is about to take another interesting step in this space.

Google is currently conducting tests on a dark mode option for its search website that gets activated when a user provides input in the form of text and let the platform run a search. This move, supposedly, has been taken after taking cognizance of the fact that looking at a bright, high-contrast screen for too long puts a strain on the users’ eyes. Those who work for several hours at a stretch get affected by it the most. The dark mode, when implemented, would be a good option for them.

Google desktop

At this point, the limited rollout is happening as far as the test is concerned but one can conclude from the images that the dark grey theme, which will be a part of this soon-to-be-launched mode, will be extended to search results apart from being a part of the Google homepage.

As of now, there is no confirmation on when this ‘dark mode’ will be integrated with Google across all the regions. When TheVerge approached Google for a comment, the latter stated that they “don’t have anything specific to announce” at the moment.

This will not be the first time when Google users will have the option to switch to a dark mode. In December, this feature was made accessible for a handful of users. It was there for a while but before more people could use it, it disappeared.

Apple launched dark mode in 2018. Some of its devices or operating systems like the iOS 13 and macOS Mojave. Most third-party and native apps today offer support for the system-wide option on both desktop and on mobile.

While it might take a while for Google to implement the dark mode on its search engine, you can still do away with the white background using browser extensions like the Dark Reader.

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