Audible Becomes the Latest Audio App to Get Integrated with Google’s Waze

These days, many companies have realized the importance of integrating multiple features in their .....

Audible Becomes the Latest Audio App to Get Integrated with Google’s Waze

These days, many companies have realized the importance of integrating multiple features in their apps to reach out to a wider customer database. For instance, many ridesharing companies have also ventured into the food delivery space. The process of a company diversifying into multiple websites has largely helped them earn rich dividends. Now, Google’s Waze app seems to have understood its importance as well.

Mapping app Waze, which is owned by Google, has received a fresh update. Because of this upgrade, the app can now stream audiobooks listed on the audio platform Audible. This information was a part of a press release issued and published on the Audible website.

Now that the Audible app has been integrated with Maze, the members of Waze, who also have subscribed to Audible, will have access to its vast catalog comprising of more than 600,000 original programs, podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio-based content. If you already have Maze, you would not be required to download Audible.

Adam Fried, who heads the Global Partnerships division at Waze, stated that the company is very excited to collaborate with Audible and this partnership marks a good start for 2021 for Waze. According to him, the users on Waze have traveled several kilometers using the app and have whiled away their time listening to content from different streaming platforms on the Audio Player that is integrated with the app. With the integration of Audible, he says, they will have a lot more options to choose from. He believes that the collaboration will be equally beneficial for both companies.

People who have subscribed to Audible can listen to the content on the app via Waze by opening the app and choosing or pressing the music note icon to opt for Audible as their preferred audio player. Audible members will get instructions regarding the direction of their destination and the road which they are traveling on Audible itself. While the instructions will be issued by Waze, they would not have to open the Waze app if they have already launched the Audible app.

Audible seems to be as delighted as Waze about the partnership and how it can help both the companies grow. Derek Murphy, Vice President, Business Development at Audible, has said that the collaboration will enhance the users’ experience on their app and provide them with a new and exciting way to access the app.

Audible is the most recent streaming service to offer its services to Waze in the form of a mutually beneficial partnership. Like other audio streaming services, it used the Waze Audio Kit to get integrated with Waze. Some of the other streaming services that have integrated themselves with Waze’s Audio Player Program in the past are Pandora, NPR One, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, and Deezer.

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