Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Gets Updated Again – Promises Better Noise Cancellation

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro has emerged as one of the most popular wireless earbuds in recent .....

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Gets Updated Again – Promises Better Noise Cancellation

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro has emerged as one of the most popular wireless earbuds in recent times. Though launched just a couple of weeks back, the wireless earbuds have become synonymous with premium quality sound and are being lapped up by a large number of consumers across the globe. Ever since the product has arrived in the market, Samsung has been tweaking it quite regularly. The constant updates the device has received has helped it maintain its popularity.

Reportedly, Samsung is planning a new update for the phone. According to SamMobile, the update, which is 2.20MB, has the build number R190XXU0AUB3 and will significantly improve the Ambient Sound and Active Noise Cancellation features. When the user wears the earbud, they will realize that there is a prominently visible difference in the operating concept. Apart from amelioration in the ambient sound function, there has been a lot of improvement in system reliability and stability.

One of the biggest driving forces behind this update is an aim to bring out an improvement in the ANC feature. The company has not taken feedback from the users regarding this update and it would be interesting to see if they have managed to notice an improvement in the aforementioned features after this update.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro has been a successor to the Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live, both of which arrived in the market last year and tasted a fair amount of success. The Galaxy Buds Pro is priced at $199 and Samsung has packed in a plethora of features to justify its pricing. One of the highlights of the device is its ANC mode that enables the user to adjust the volume level according to the user’s surroundings and flips to the ambient mode when it picks up the voice of the user during a call or a conversation.

The wireless earbuds also feature the Dolby Head Tracking technology that gives users a 360-degree sonic experience while watching a film or any other video-based content. The sensors that are integrated within the earbuds help in determining the direction of the audio or sound when you move or tilt your head around.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro boasts of an IPX7 water-resistant rating which ensures that you remain worry-free about the device suffering from any kind of damage because of external factors like rain or getting drenched. According to Samsung, the earbuds have the ability to withstand being immersed in water that is 1 meter deep for as long as 30 minutes. However, the company advises consumers not to use it when they are near a pool or at the beach.

Even if a user misplaces the earbuds, they can locate them with the help of SmartThings. By using Offline Finding, you can figure out the last location of your earbuds, so that will help you narrow down your search as well.

The device offers a battery life of 8 hours. If you have switched on the ANC, the battery life goes down to roughly 5 hours. With the charging case, the battery life can be as high as 28 hours. You can charge the earbuds with a USB C or opt for Qi wireless charging as well. With so many unique features, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has definitely been one of the most exciting products to have arrived in the wireless earphone space.

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