Telegram Emerges as One of the Most Downloaded Apps in 2021

For a very long time, Sensor Tower has maintained its reputation as one of the most reliable .....

Telegram Emerges as One of the Most Downloaded Apps in 2021

For a very long time, Sensor Tower has maintained its reputation as one of the most reliable platforms for generating information on the performance of mobile apps. Its download figures, released every month, offer one a fair and authentic overview of the popularity of some of the leading mobile apps that are around. The data put together by Sensor Tower has always been found to be accurate and that is one of the major reasons why it is trusted by market leaders and the common man alike.

Recently, Sensor Tower published its download figures for January 2021. Many apps managed to climb up the popularity ladder and some went down the charts. Telegram has turned out to be the most downloaded non-gaming app across the globe. The app has been downloaded 63 million times in the last month.

As compared to its downloads a year back, the app was downloaded four times more in the past month. According to the statistics, 24% of the total downloads for Telegram happened in India. Indian users accounted for more than 15 million downloads for the app. Indonesia was on the second spot with more than 6 million downloads.

2021 apps

The top-10 rankings of non-gaming apps across the world in terms of downloads for the month of January 2021 were put together by Sensor Tower with the help of estimates from the company’s Store Intelligence Platform.

In the same month, TikTok emerged as the second most downloaded non-gaming app. The social media app registered 62 million downloads to its name. The countries which accounted for the highest number of downloads for the app were China (10.5 million downloads/17%) and the United States (6 million downloads/10%).

Facebook, ZOOM, Signal, Instagram, MX Taka Tak, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger were some of the other prominent apps that made it to the top ten non-gaming apps list. Users who are registered with Store Intelligence can have a look at additional content including an elaborate overview of the performance of any app in the month. They would also get access to several other aspects of the performance metrics of the apps.

Sensor Tower has also provided the figures for apps that were downloaded via the Google Play Store and the App Store. TikTok, YouTube, ZOOM, Telegram, and Facebook were listed as the top five non-gaming apps that were downloaded from the App Store. On the Google Play Store, the top apps were Telegram, Signal, TikTok, MX Taka Tak, and Facebook.

The figures were put together after tracking the downloads on the three stores from January 1, 2021, to January 31, 2021. Apple apps and pre-installed apps by Google were not included while deriving the performance metrics.

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