Report: Leaked Images of OnePlus 9 Pro Offer a Glimpse of Hasselblad Camera System

The upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro boasts of a Hasselblad camera system. The company has not put across any .....

Report: Leaked Images of OnePlus 9 Pro Offer a Glimpse of Hasselblad Camera System

The upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro boasts of a Hasselblad camera system. The company has not put across any such information officially but recently leaked images of the device confirm the same. While OnePlus has refrained from announcing a launch date for the smartphone, it is rumored to be out in the market in mid-March. If one were to believe the rumors, the phone is just a few weeks away from its launch but leaks, like this one, continue to pour in and add to the interest for the product among the consumers.

Newly leaked real-life images, reportedly of the OnePlus 9 Pro prototype, recently emerged online. The one thing that caught everybody’s attention in these images was the integration of a Hasselblad camera system in the device.

Popular YouTuber Dave Lee, who does videos on consumer technology on his YouTube channel, recently uploaded a video which was titled “One Plus 9 Pro – An Early Look”. Through the video, he showcased several images of the yet to be launched flagship smartphone. Dave stated that he an anonymous user shared these images with him on the former’s Discord server. The images are quite different from the kind of visuals or information leaked so far.

In the video, Dave stated that the earlier photos of the OnePlus 9 Pro which had released on the internet did not feature a camera array. Dave claimed that he had thoroughly gone through all the earlier leaks related to the upcoming smartphone and confidently asserted that this has been the most important leak so far.

The freshly leaked images point towards the fact that OnePlus has collaborated with Swedish camera manufacturing company Hasselblad for the soon-to-be-launched OnePlus 9 series. While one is not sure if the upcoming models would feature better cameras, this effort put in by the company offers one some hope.

As per the images, the OnePlus 9 Pro features a quad-camera setup on the rear end and a curved display screen. The camera module boasts of the Hasselblad branding along with two large and small lenses. The display features a punch-hole notch cutout for the placement of the selfie camera. The display screen offers a QHD+ (3120×1440 pixels) resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The About Phone page on the OnePlus 9 Pro does not give out any details about the processor. The phone has 11GB RAM and 256GB of storage.

The camera app’s images also offer a glimpse of the tilt-shift mode and a 3.3x zoom. There are many unique features as far as the design of the phone is concerned. The metal frame of the device is cut closer to the power button. There is also the alert slider which has been designed differently from the OnePlus phones launched earlier in the market. From the pictures, one imagines that either the phone has a slim profile or the buttons are slightly larger than the usual size.

With the phone roughly a month away from its official release, one wonders if there would be any more leaks in the near future.

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