Wireless Reception Feature of Apple Watch May Improve with Next-Generation Model

Whenever you invest in a new electronic device, you try out all its features and controls almost .....

Wireless Reception Feature of Apple Watch May Improve with Next-Generation Model

Whenever you invest in a new electronic device, you try out all its features and controls almost immediately to see what it offers. While some of the features impress you, there could be a few that could make you feel overwhelmed. These days, a lot of people buy a product, use it and then write to the manufacturer about the things they liked about it and the areas which need to be improved upon. Based on the collective feedback, the company makes alternations that are visible in the next-generation model of the product.

That seems to be the case with the upcoming model of the Apple Smart Watch too. Ever since its launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has become more and more popular with time. It is equally desirable among fitness enthusiasts and those who like to have all kinds of ‘smart’ devices at their disposal.

In the last five years, the device has received several updates and has been presented to the consumers in a new avatar (read model) every one or two years. While most users were happy with the variety of features offered on this device, there was one particular feature that didn’t function quite well as the others did. The wireless reception feature, a lot of people felt, needed some improvement.

Apple realized that too and that is, perhaps, the reason why it is working towards integrating an improved version of this feature in the next-generation model of the Apple Watch. The Cupertino based tech giant is reportedly working towards making some modifications to the internal components of the Apple Watch. They are still testing a few things and the aim is to smoothen out the glitches in the wireless reception feature so that when people use the next-generation Apple Watch, they don’t face any issue with it.

According to an online report, Apple is making a conscious effort to bring out an improvement in the reception of its UWB, Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS, and other antenna based functions. The company wants to increase the utility of the various components in the Apple Watch by integrating them with antennas. It hopes that these components will help in improving wireless reception across different parts of the smartwatch.

A new patent called “Electronic Devices Having Millimeter Wave Ranging Capabilities” recently came into the limelight. The patent mentioned something called a ‘phased antenna array’. What this means is that instead of opting for a single antenna which would be quite heavy and take up a lot of space, the company hopes to spread out the connection with the help of multiple, smaller-sized antennas.

The patent application lists out different methods of adding a phased antenna array and believes that it would help in transmitting primary signals at a frequency ranging from 10GHz to 300GHz. While Apple hasn’t given any official confirmation about integrating it in the next-generation Apple Watches, there is a very good chance of the company doing that.

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