Huawei Mate X2 Might Feature Recently Patented Foldable Screens

Foldable phones were one of the first kinds of smartphones to be launched in the market. Back then, .....

Huawei Mate X2 Might Feature Recently Patented Foldable Screens

Foldable phones were one of the first kinds of smartphones to be launched in the market. Back then, they were referred to as flip phones.  With time, technology evolved and the market was flooded with a wide variety of smartphones. The popularity of foldable phones plummeted and soon, they vanished from the market and the consciousness of consumers. Perhaps, people didn’t feel such phones convenient anymore. Now, instead of covering the screens of their phones, they wanted to flaunt it.

Smartphone manufacturing companies decided to re-introduce foldable phones in the market but with a twist. They kept an account of a few important factors like changing technology, shift in consumers’ preferences and demands while re-introducing foldable phones in a new avatar.

Two years back, Motorola launched Motorola Razr, the first foldable smartphone launched by the company. Motorola’s initiative and its success paved the way for many other smartphone companies to launch their own foldable smartphones. While the older flip phones had a cover that could be flipped shut to hide/protect the screen, the new-generation foldable smartphones divide the display screen into two halves. They offer a good blend of style and convenience.

With every upgrade, smartphone manufacturing companies have tried to smoothen out the ‘crease’ that sometimes looks a little awkward when you use a foldable smartphone. The elimination of the crease visibility from these phones has been one of the top priorities for smartphone manufacturers. Now, Huawei seems to have discovered a new technology that will help in getting rid of this crease and the problems that arise because of it almost completely.

Huawei has secured a new patent that helps in the removal of the crease from foldable smartphones. The technology focuses on three things – the first and second foldable entity and a technique that connects both of them together. According to this patent, by optimizing the method of connection of each of the three components, the brand can ensure that the screen does not get squeezed or stretched when it is folded. The company believes that the pressure exerted will help in resolving the crease problem.

There is a good possibility of this technology being implemented in Huawei X2, the upcoming foldable smartphone from the company. The smartphone has already gone through the network certification process and is expected to be launched in the market anytime soon.

Leading smartphone manufacturing companies are trying out different kinds of form factors and designs for their foldable smartphones. It remains to be seen what kind of novelty and design changes Huawei will bring to the fore with this second-generation device.

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