Spotify Plans to Put Together a Mechanism to Suggest Songs to Users Based on Their Mood

Most of the time when you visit a music streaming platform, you end up spending at least a few .....

Spotify Plans to Put Together a Mechanism to Suggest Songs to Users Based on Their Mood

Most of the time when you visit a music streaming platform, you end up spending at least a few minutes wondering what to listen to. Unlike the older times when one bought a cassette or a CD and listened to the handful of songs stored on those devices, streaming platforms have really opened up a Pandora’s Box for music lovers.

You can listen to any released song from any part of the world at the click of a button. There is so much to choose from and the sheer variety of music at display might end up boggling up your mind. To make things easier for the listeners, streaming platforms started putting together playlists and putting together a group of songs under categories like genres, artists, etcetera. These things helped in narrowing down the search for those who were not sure what kind of music to listen to at a given point in time.

Now, Spotify, one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world, is working on developing a new technique that would help users listen to the kind of music that complements their mood. On any given day, an individual goes through a myriad of emotions and his music choices are mostly defined by them. Spotify plans to use speech recognition to gauge the ‘emotional state’ of its users and recommend songs to them based on it. So, if you are in a slightly somber mood, you would be recommended a song steeped in melancholy. When you are in a joyous mood, a celebratory number would start playing.

Most streaming platforms feature recommended music playlists but they are driven by the kind of music the user had played on the platform earlier. What one has liked listening to in the past is not necessarily something that one would like to play at the moment. Spotify took note of this and decided to come up with the kind of technology that would identify the present mood of a user and based on that, recommend a song to them.

According to BBC News, Spotify has secured a patent that enables it to ‘make observations’ about the voice of a user and the place they are in.

In its patent, Spotify stated that while it is a common practice among music streaming platforms to integrate features that help in providing users with personalized music recommendations, the process turns out to be quite tedious for users as they have to spend a good amount of time putting down information about themselves.

With its new technology, Spotify believes the process of getting personalized music recommendations will become much easier for users. The app will take into account the users’ speech and find out what activity they are doing at that point in time. It would detect their mood and also whether they are alone or in somebody’s company.

While this patent covers Spotify’s music business, the music streaming app has been taking a lot of new initiatives in the non-music space. One of the most recent ventures of the company in this direction has been the addition of a new series of audiobook versions of classic novels.

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