Android Enables Offline Translation Support on Google Lens

On October 4, 2017, Google launched an image recognition technology by the name of Google Lens. .....

Android Enables Offline Translation Support on Google Lens

On October 4, 2017, Google launched an image recognition technology by the name of Google Lens. Using this technology, a user could gather relevant information about a particular product or an object by getting its barcodes, QR codes, text or labels scanned using their phone or similar devices. This was a fairly innovative technology that aimed at helping individuals do their day-to-day activities a little more conveniently. For instance, if you used Google Lens to scan a fruit, it would direct you to the fruit vendors located nearby.

When the technology was initially launched, its application was exclusive to Pixels. A while later, it was made available as a standalone application for other Android devices. One of the key features of this application was its ability to translate text immediately and accurately. But, there was a hitch. It could translate text only when the device had access to an active internet connection. There were many users who lamented the lack of an offline translation feature on the app.

Google assured the users that it was working on developing an offline feature. Now, the wait for the arrival of this feature is finally over. Google has now introduced an offline feature on Google Lens for Android users. As it is a server-side update, it might take some to reach out to the majority of Android users.

When the update reaches them, they just need to open the Google Lens app to avail the offline translation. After opening the app, one has to go for the ‘Translate’ option and select the dropdown ‘Language’ menu that can be found at the top. A ‘Download’ icon will pop up closer to the language that is available. Once you click on it, the package file will be downloaded onto your phone or whichever device you are using.

After following these steps, you can start using the translation feature without an internet connection. Those who tried it vouch for the fact that the offline feature works as effectively as it does when the device is online. When you point towards an object or a picture, the result appears almost immediately.

Ever since Google Lens was launched, Google has been updating it at regular intervals. Some of the notable updates include imparting the ability to recognize handwritten notes, solving mathematical equations, copying the text that has been scanned, and more.

Because of these factors, Google Lens managed to become extremely popular in a short span of time. It managed to surpass 500 million downloads on the Play Store recently. The fact that it has been made accessible to all Android devices is one of the driving forces behind this achievement.

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