Apple to Soon Launch a New Fitness+ Feature Named ‘Time To Walk’

A couple of days back, Apple seeded the Release Candidate version of a soon-to-be-launched watchOS .....

Apple to Soon Launch a New Fitness+ Feature Named ‘Time To Walk’

A couple of days back, Apple seeded the Release Candidate version of a soon-to-be-launched watchOS 7.3 beta. The product was given an RC launch so that it could be tested by developers and checked whether it is ready for a release or further development is required. Reportedly, it is the last beta version of a new software update. The release note accompanying the update mentions a new ‘Time To Walk’ feature for the subscribers of Apple Fitness+.

For the uninitiated, Apple Fitness+ is a newly launched service by Apple that has been designed for Apple watch users help them stay fit by watching a well-cataloged series of workouts spread across different categories. It was launched very recently on December 14 and has been received well by Apple loyalists.

Now, the subscribers of Apple Fitness+ can open the app on an Apple watch, select the feature ‘Time To Walk’ and click on one of the many audio stories available to listen to while going for a run or a walk. The feature can also be availed by wheelchair users.

A while back, Twitter user Othmane shared a screenshot of a now-removed promotional video by Apple Fitness+ which claimed that Time To Walk will feature a 30-minute long audio story from singer Shawn Mendes during its launch. Othmane stated that the video also had snippets of audio stories by many other prominent celebrities like NBA star Draymond Green, actress Uzo Adubaand Dolly Parton.

A couple of weeks ago, the settings for Time To Walk could be seen on earlier released beta versions of watchOS 7.3 and iOS 14.4. But the stories have not been made accessible to users yet. It is expected that the feature would be launched when the software updates are out in the public domain sometime this week.

A new setting could be integrated into the Apple Watch to make sure that as soon as new Time To Walk stories become available, they are included in the Workout app. The audio stories can be downloaded when the Apple Watch is connected to a power supply and closer to a paired iPhone. The downloaded stories will disappear once the user is done with their workout.

Apple Fitness+ provides its subscribers access to a huge library comprising of workout videos covering different spheres like yoga, walking, running, dance, rowing, and several others. Apple has put together a dedicated team of trainers to create content for the app on a regular basis. Apple Fitness+ takes into account personal metrics of a user like their heart rate with the help of the Apple Watch.

It also aims to make the process a little fun by animating users on the display screen at different points during the workout. Time To Walk is a one-of-its-kind feature for several reasons. The workout can be done in an outdoor space without the user requiring a display screen.

So far, Apple Fitness+ has been launched in countries like United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. As it is a very recently launched product, an official launch is likely to happen in many more countries later this year. Apple Watch users will also get to use the feature for a month on a trial basis. An extended three-month trial can be availed by those who had bought a new Apple Watch Series 3 or a newer model post-September 15, 2020. After the trial period is over, a user based in the United States will have to pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year to use the feature.

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