Next-Generation MacBook Pro to be Integrated with SD Card Reader

Why do you need an in-built SD card reader in a laptop when you can connect a card to a device .....

Next-Generation MacBook Pro to be Integrated with SD Card Reader

Why do you need an in-built SD card reader in a laptop when you can connect a card to a device using an external card reader? That’s a question many ask who don’t mind their laptops not featuring an SD card reader. However, there are a large number of people who think it is important for a laptop to have an in-built SD card reader as that makes things a little more convenient. Without looking around for an external card reader, you can simply slip on an SD card inside the laptop.

In the last couple of years, many laptops, including the MacBook models, didn’t feature an SD card reader. While many MacBook users were happy with this move, there were some who lamented over the absence of a card reader in the Apple devices. If you were somebody who was rooting for the in-built SD card readers to make a MacBook, here’s some good news for you.

Last week, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, spoke about the kind of features, specifications and upgrades he expected to come across in the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that are slated to be launched later this year. Some of the things he expected to see or happen to the next-generation models included the Touch Bar getting removed, the MagSafe charging connector making a comeback, a slightly modified flat-edged design and a larger number of in-built ports that would facilitate better connectivity.

While Kuo did not exactly point out as to which are the ports that one would find again in the new MacBook Pro models, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman wrote a report which stated that the upcoming models will boast of an SD card reader that would make the process of transferring pictures, multimedia files and other material to and from the MacBook easier.

The last released models of MacBook Pro only feature Thunderbolt ports, thereby necessitating the need for a dock or an adapter while transferring media files.

Kuo published a research note last week in which he categorically stated that users might not be required to invest in additional dongles for the next-generation MacBook Pro models. Therefore, there is a high chance of multiple ports, along with an internal SD card reader, making a comeback. The 2015 MacBook Pro model featured USB-A ports and an HDMI port. While the HDMI port could be back in the new model, there are slim chances of the USB-A ports making a comeback as the industry now prefers the USB-C for all devices.

Reportedly, Apple is making this move to cater to some of the long-standing demands of its loyal consumer base. Many laptop models manufactured by other electronic companies have also taken the initiative to bring back some of the older features on their devices. With rapidly evolving technology, laptops get upgraded and do away with some of their earlier existing features. However, sometimes consumers express the need to use some of these features that have been disposed away. Apple seems to have acknowledged the plea of Mac loyalists with this decision.

According to Kuo’s prediction, the next-generation MacBook models will come out in the third quarter of this year. So, you could expect the product to arrive sometime between July and September.

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