AR/VR Headsets by Apple to be Reportedly Sold at a Premium Price

With the emergence and increasing popularity of AR applications and games, there has been a sharp .....

AR/VR Headsets by Apple to be Reportedly Sold at a Premium Price

With the emergence and increasing popularity of AR applications and games, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for AR/VR headsets. If a news report published by Bloomberg is to be believed, Apple will soon launch its own AR/VR headsets in the market sometime later this year. Though they might appear to be similar, AR and VR are two distinctive concepts.

VR headsets are capable of taking over your sense and making you feel that you are in a different place. Unlike VR, AR headsets don’t work towards replacing your vision. These are transparent glasses that help you see the things happening in front of your eyes. They almost project the images onto the glasses.

The report states that the augmented reality and virtual reality headset will serve as a precursor to several other applications that one would be able to avail of by using the AR glasses. More often than not, Apple has managed to introduce a new or emerging technology in the market much before its competitors. While it got a little late in making its own AR/VR headsets, it seems to be determined to ensure that when these finally hit the market, they make their presence felt in a strong way.

It must be noted here that when it comes to doing research and carrying out various kinds of development in the AR/VR space, Apple was ahead of many other companies. Tim Cook, Chief Operating Officer at Apple, had also stated that augmented reality held a lot of promise. Now, Apple is finally in the process of launching AR/VR based devices that it can proudly call its own.

It is being said that the headset might pave the way for manufacturing smartphones with the help of augmented reality glasses. The AR/VR headsets manufactured by the company are expected to be launched in the year 2022. These headsets will be vying for the consumers’ attention in a market that also has similar products like the PlayStation VR from Sony and Oculus by Facebook.

The AR-VR headset is a result of years of research and development efforts put in by Apple. The tech giant carefully handpicked and tested different parts used in manufacturing AR and VR devices before deciding to start producing them on their own. Last year, the LiDAR technology was used in the iPhone 12 Pro’s sensor.

This technology enables the device to be more flexible while carrying out tasks related to augmented reality. The technology that would be used in manufacturing VR headsets would be further worked upon to develop slimmer smart glasses that will replace iPhone in the next ten years.

The new AR-VR headset will be designed as a virtual reality gadget that will feature a robust 3D digital environment. This technology will make it very easy for the user to perform a wide variety of tasks like playing a game, watching a film, and navigating through different apps. There will be certain limitations in the AR/VR headsets as far as AR capability is concerned as a lot more research is yet to be done in this particular area. More number of applications would be explored when the researchers understand this technology a little better.

Unlike Sony’s PSVR, the Apple headset will be operated with a battery and will not be dependent on a console. Of course, as stated earlier, the AR-VR headset will be sold at a premium price. Though the price has not been revealed yet, it is expected to be much higher than its competitors. Durability will be one of the priorities of Apple while producing the headsets.

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