Tesla is Processing Amazon and Apple In-Car Music Integration

According to the latest news, Tesla is trying to incorporate Amazon Music and Apple music into its .....

Tesla is Processing Amazon and Apple In-Car Music Integration

According to the latest news, Tesla is trying to incorporate Amazon Music and Apple music into its native electric vehicles’ interfaces. While most automobile companies are shifting to Apple Car Play and Android Auto phone mirroring, Tesla chooses its unique path. 

On the one hand, other automakers are stressing managing in-car media playback. Tesla wants to integrate music facilities into the original user interface. Over the years, Tesla has tried to focus on integrating various music streaming mediums within the vehicles. You can still see in-built music apps in their center displays to understand the pattern of their design.

In the words of the famous Tesla hacker

The best example is the integration of Spotify within their vehicles. As per a recent announcement by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, they are about to add Tidal to the list of their integrated music mediums. Finally, there is a revelation that Amazon Music and Apple Music will also be part of the plan.

According to ‘Green,’ Tesla hacker, early signs of the new integration planning are already visible in the user interface’s latest software updates. In a Tweet, Green writes that it seems additional media sources are to arrive soon. However, the process is still not complete, and the visible icon UI is wrong too. 

Green also posted a picture in his Twitter post showing the list of media sources in the audio settings tab. Along with Pandora, TuneIn, Audible, there are the names of Apple and Amazon too. The only point is that these two are not accessible yet. It is now more evident based on these leaked pictures that Tesla is undoubtedly planning to add new sources. Audible is another example that shows Amazon music is a sure priority. 

What will be the outcome of the new additions? 

After this, Tesla drivers will find it easier to link car services to the above-mentioned streaming accounts only using the car interface. It means that there will be no requirement of connecting phones using the Bluetooth settings, even though that is an option. Although there is no clarity regarding the total integration timing, Green suggests that Tidal will join the list at last.

Now that additional media sources are approaching Tesla, it is releasing a new software update. The same will help drivers to hide selected media sources. Now you can enter the media settings and choose what you want to display on the main screen. Experts suggest that the new feature will become more useful if Tesla finally doubles music sources. In addition to this, there is hope that the same will be possible given the pattern of the latest development. 

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