OnePlus 9 Phone Prototype is More Expensive than Original! Sold for $6,000

eBay has become the hottest website these days because PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are being .....

OnePlus 9 Phone Prototype is More Expensive than Original! Sold for $6,000

eBay has become the hottest website these days because PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are being sold in the black market for thousands of dollars. But, selling the OnePlus 9 model phone or a prototype for thousands of dollars seems to be a tad overkill. After all, it is not even a complete phone but just the design in the making that got sold for a massive price.

While it is expected that the device is equipped with a touchscreen and an Android operating system, it may not be long before the company could disable it completely using their software prowess. OnePlus would definitely do anything to stop such a phone from being used by the general public before the official launch. Besides, allowing them to sell encourages the shady market and all those sellers who managed to get this sold for a whopping $6,000.

The buyer could probably buy 5 or 6 different OnePlus 9 phones when it gets officially launched. After all, many of these phones sell for $800 or so for the top-end model but he has decided to go for this unique phone. It is all about collecting something rarely available and the sale has taken place on the eBay website.

Selling a Prototype Online

The reveal was made by Android Police and XDA editor Mishaal Rahman. The user first spotted that a person going by the id Shamete 1 has listed the phone for auction. Often, these auctions become a hot topic when everyone is involved and the pricing goes much higher than the listing price. A similar scenario happened for OP9 too as it was finally sold for $6,000 as confirmed by the XDA user.

The confirmations come from leaked images that already showed how the OnePlus 9 smartphone would look like. The prototypes with watermark were previously posted online by many news websites. A similar phone was spotted on eBay with actual product value and it was also confirmed that the phone ran on Android 11 out of the box. We hope it actually came in a box because this could be a completely fake purchase.

oneplus 9 prototype

Seller Warns OnePlus Action

The seller Shamete1 who sold it for a massive price online suggested that he is in no way responsible if the phone doesn’t work in the future. OnePlus has all the control over their prototype model and they may choose to completely disable it from accessing Google’s Android software or any other features. They can even file a complaint if they choose to.

OnePlus 9 is scheduled to be launched in the month of March 2021 after Samsung announces their Galaxy S21 devices. It is supposed to be another flagship killer but probably with an increased price tag. After all, when OnePlus came into the market, they were bent on providing maximum value for more affordable pricing. However, things changed and they have become the very flagship they aimed to kill in their initial days and their phones are more expensive now than it used to be.

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