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GTA 6 : Majority of the Fans Would Want the Game to Be Set in London



  • A poll conducted online indicates that more than 50% of those who voted would want Rockstar to choose the city of London and its suburbs as the background for GTA 6.
  • One enthusiastic fan posted a mock video of the GTA 6 keeping London in the background. This video updated on YouTube was viewed and appreciated by many.
  • Since Rockstar North is also involved in developing the game, London could as well be the city featured in GTA 6.
  • There could be DLC featuring London as an additional city besides Vice City.

While there is the general anticipation over the official announcement of the release of Grand Theft Auto VI coming through, the debate on the game’s background location refuses to die down. As things stand, the setting will be the Vice City that is created keeping the US city of Miami as the model. In addition, there will be a South American city, said to be Rio De Janeiro, which made the developer call this Project Americas.

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The background in which the Grand Theft Auto game is played is usually an imaginary city with names like Liberty City and Las Santos and other such names. Each of these is based on a real city like New York or Los Angeles or Las Vegas. Now the players want to have London (maybe with the same name in the game as well) as the background city where the characters zoom around in their fancy cars and bikes and commit crimes.

Will Rockstar Listen to the Fans’ Requests?

There have been a series of developments in the past few weeks on this subject. One enthusiastic fan posted a mock video of the GTA 6 keeping London in the background. This video updated on YouTube was viewed and appreciated by many.

An online poll was then conducted among the gamers to know which city they preferred. Till March 15, 2020, over 3,200 votes had come in and an overwhelming 1,454, close to 50%, said they would prefer London. The next large block was for Vice City, 720 votes. The remaining cities like Tokyo, San Andreas, and Liberty City didn’t muster that many votes.


A couple of criminal characters in GTA 6

Some rumors had said since Rockstar North, the UK unit of the studio is also involved in developing the game, London could as well be the city featured in GTA 6. There are, however, enough reasons to believe that Rockstar will choose London ahead of Vice City and Rio. The very concept of Project America will also have to be thrown out in that case, which is very unlikely.

There is another reason the game’s creative developers have brought in the South American angle. The main storyline in GTA 6 is going to be drug running. One can expect frequent travel between the Vice City and the South American city, carrying drugs. All these will have to be scrapped if London were to be the city in the background. In the best-case scenario, there could be DLC later featuring London as an additional city besides Vice City.

Anything New on the Launch Date of GTA 6?

We are nowhere near to knowing when GTA 6 will be released.

There are only rumors, some quite strong and others based purely on hearsay. If you put together all those predictions and try to find a consensus, then an announcement of sorts may happen in 2020 and the actual release for playing the game may happen only next year. Whether it will be stretched to the holiday season of October/November 2021 or much before that is still not clear.

One section of the industry hopes that the Grand Theft Auto VI game may be made the USP for Sony and Microsoft. Industry grapevine has it that the two new game consoles don’t have a big-ticket game to bundle with their new version consoles. The release schedule for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X is rumored to be the end of the year, 2020. If there is proper coordination, you can expect Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar, and the two giants from the console business to jointly work towards timing the release of GTA 6 with the gaming consoles.


Bogdana Zujic is the editor in chief and Managing editor of Technobezz and Firm Luxury Media. She holds a law degree and certifications in mass media communications. Contact me at [email protected]

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GTA 6 – A Fake Video on the Game Whets the Appetite of the Fans Even More



  • There’s a countdown that ends on April 1, 2020, showing the time till the announcement on GTA 6.
  • A fake video makes an appearance on March 29, giving the same message with all appearance as if it is from Rockstar.
  • Fans realize the whole thing is a fake exercise and vent their feelings.

As if the expectation levels among the GTA 6 fans were not already high, a new fake video featuring the Weekend song, posted on the streaming platform Twitch, took it to another level before they realized it was not for real. This once again goes to show how desperate the gaming community can get when it comes to GTA 6 and their desire to see it released. Rockstar has not been moved a bit by all this.

Disappointments Galore for the GTA 6 Fans

It all started a few days earlier when it was informed that there will be an important announcement coming from Rockstar on March 25, 2020. However, no announcement came. There is another countdown going on within the Twitch platform with an account GTAVI. This says the countdown is for an announcement. This again led to a volley of comments online before someone pointed out that the countdown ends on April 1. The day is called All Fools Day and a lot of people play pranks that day, basically aimed at fooling a large body of people. To top these came the fake video, also on Twitch. The fact is Rockstar does have an official account on the platform but this was from an unknown profile.

The Fake GTA 6 Announcement Video

This video, posted by one Troydan, has a title, YOOO GTA 6 IS COMING! The video is for just 1 minute but has content for around 50 seconds only. There is the Weekend song in the background and the official Rockstar logo flashes followed by the GTA VI logo. It just says in an all-bold line “2DAYS TILL ANNOUNCEMENT” and that’s it. Does this mean there is some link between the April 1 countdown and this fake video?


The countdown clock showing 2days, 19hours and 34 minutes appearing on March 29

Fans Let Out Their Dejection Online

Once it struck home that they are being taken for a jolly ride by the prankster, the GTA 6 fans took to all forums available online to vent out their feelings. Some almost cried saying how lies are being circulated. It must be conceded that most of whatever information has so far been posted on the launch announcement has been just speculation. The only piece of information that can be relied upon is the one on the voice actor from Mexico, Jorge Consejo having played “The Mexican” in GTA 6. Even that is neither here nor there since he is said to have done the recording in 2018 and cannot be tied to any immediate launch announcement.

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GTA 6 -New Evidence on the Game Exposed Through a Resume of a Voice Actor



  • The actor Jorge Consejo from Mexico is the voice actor to have worked on GTA 6.
  • A little embarrassed by the unintended exposure, Consejo has tweeted that he cannot confirm due to NDA.
  • This is one more hint being cited by fans to claim the launch of GTA 6 can be expected anytime.

What is it About the Voice Actor?

Of the many rumors about the GTA 6 gameplay, one is about the South American angle and there may be scenes with Mexican characters. If you go by what you see in Hollywood movies, GTA 6 can have Mexican characters speaking in English with an accent. The Mexican actor Jorge Consejo could have been roped in as a voice actor. In all such cases, there is an NDA or non-disclosure agreement where those involved with the production of the game are not allowed to share any information in public.

In the case of Jorge Consejo, it was due to inadvertence that his resume makes an entry where he claims to have played the role of “The Mexican” in GTA 6. Interestingly, he says the work was done in 2018. This was sufficient to get fans going all out to claim that they have been all the time correct in saying that the game is ready for release and that Rockstar could be coming out with the announcement soon.

An embarrassed Jorge Consejo has then posted a message on his Twitter that due to contract stipulations; he is not in a position to reveal anything on GTA 6 at this stage.

Does it clear the Confusion on the Release Date?

The fact that this voice actor did his work in 2018 does not mean anything since these games are developed over 4-5 years. Though this development does give more way to rumors, there is no definite clue on when the official announcement on GTA 6 and the actual release will happen. The best-educated guess at this juncture would be that if there is confirmation on the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 by the year-end or during the holiday shopping season, Rockstar/ EA may decide to release GTA 6 as well.

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GTA 6 – Fresh Trigger on Launch Date; Activity on Website Noticed



  • Suddenly, the website says ‘can’t be reached’.
  • Fans believe that the site is being reworked for GTA 6 since the launch is near.
  • The studio appears to suggest they are working on it but no date yet.

What Roused the Interest This Time?

You can’t stop Grand Theft Auto fans from believing that the game’s sixth edition is still some months away from launch. Their level of optimism is so high that even the slightest of hints is sufficient for them to feel GTA 6 will be out soon. The latest trigger they needed was an innocuous website with the URL, which is owned by the publisher Take-Two Interactive. This website redirects you to the main Rockstar Games website. At least, it was doing so till recently. Presently, the moment the URL is typed in the browser bar, it says the site can’t be reached. Fans weren’t quite satisfied with this and they dug deeper only to find that the site was updated on March 23, 2020. This is more than the ammunition needed by them to conclude that the site has been pulled down by Rockstar/Take-Two to work on it and upload the GTA 6 information.


Fans wanting to drive new cars and have more excitement with GTA 6

What Has Been the Stand of Rockstar?

One major disappointment for the fans has been that Rockstar was to have made an important announcement on March 25, 2020. That announcement did not come through. Whether it was the lockdown and the COVID-19 situation that prompted the cancellation of the announcement or for other reasons, it is not known.

If you were to make a dispassionate analysis, the franchise owner Take-Two Interactive has made it clear that from purely the commercial perspective they would want a big bang game release each year. This would ensure increased customer expectations and more revenue. However, in the real world, this is not possible since they rely on the technical team. The games they develop have to provide seamless and perfect experience throughout. This entails a long time in the development stage itself since they seek perfection in their work.

All these point to only one thing as far as the GTA 6 fans are concerned. They may have to hold on for a little more to know if the game’s launch is on the horizon.

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