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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – Rumors Claim Device Under Development



Galaxy Tab S6

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics could have started working on its next flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. The actual release of Samsung’s next flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7 may still be months away but two models have been sighted with their internal codes. Companies use codes to identify products during their development stage. The model names are decided later before launch. The two Samsung Galaxy tablets as leaked through these rumors are being referred to as SM-T970 and SM-T975. There’s a separate debate on how this code came about.

Some Enhancements Expected from the Predecessor

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, which was the top-end chipset at that time. You can expect that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC will be fitted in the new tablets. Experts believe Samsung may not fiddle with the current display on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the WQXGA Super AMOLED panel. If at all, there may be some cosmetic changes like reducing the sizes of bezels, etc. If you are wondering why there are two models, one will be the Wi-Fi only model and the other will be the cellular model. It won’t be a surprising move if Samsung made these models 5G capable.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

One can expect some improvements in the camera section, possibly taking on some of the improvements already brought in the Samsung Galaxy smartphones like the Galaxy Note 10 series and the Galaxy S series models. The other expectation is that Samsung may bring in the fast charging feature in this new tablet.

What will be the Name of the Model?

As mentioned, there is a debate on how Samsung will go about calling the new tablet models. Will it be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Galaxy Tab S20 following the change made with the smartphones? There is also a difference in the way the products have been coded. Samsung had used SM-T860 for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 last year and it should have been SM-T870 this year for the Galaxy Tab S7. But, it is SM-970 though this may not matter much in the end as buyers and users would be least concerned with what the device is called before it is launched in the market.

There is very little known about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 as of now. It is also significant that this information has come out in March itself. The general pattern is that the new tablet version is released towards the end of July after which the focus shifts to the launch of the Galaxy Note series flagships. With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting South Korea also seriously, it is not clear if the schedules will be maintained this year.

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GTA 6 – A Fake Video on the Game Whets the Appetite of the Fans Even More



  • There’s a countdown that ends on April 1, 2020, showing the time till the announcement on GTA 6.
  • A fake video makes an appearance on March 29, giving the same message with all appearance as if it is from Rockstar.
  • Fans realize the whole thing is a fake exercise and vent their feelings.

As if the expectation levels among the GTA 6 fans were not already high, a new fake video featuring the Weekend song, posted on the streaming platform Twitch, took it to another level before they realized it was not for real. This once again goes to show how desperate the gaming community can get when it comes to GTA 6 and their desire to see it released. Rockstar has not been moved a bit by all this.

Disappointments Galore for the GTA 6 Fans

It all started a few days earlier when it was informed that there will be an important announcement coming from Rockstar on March 25, 2020. However, no announcement came. There is another countdown going on within the Twitch platform with an account GTAVI. This says the countdown is for an announcement. This again led to a volley of comments online before someone pointed out that the countdown ends on April 1. The day is called All Fools Day and a lot of people play pranks that day, basically aimed at fooling a large body of people. To top these came the fake video, also on Twitch. The fact is Rockstar does have an official account on the platform but this was from an unknown profile.

The Fake GTA 6 Announcement Video

This video, posted by one Troydan, has a title, YOOO GTA 6 IS COMING! The video is for just 1 minute but has content for around 50 seconds only. There is the Weekend song in the background and the official Rockstar logo flashes followed by the GTA VI logo. It just says in an all-bold line “2DAYS TILL ANNOUNCEMENT” and that’s it. Does this mean there is some link between the April 1 countdown and this fake video?


The countdown clock showing 2days, 19hours and 34 minutes appearing on March 29

Fans Let Out Their Dejection Online

Once it struck home that they are being taken for a jolly ride by the prankster, the GTA 6 fans took to all forums available online to vent out their feelings. Some almost cried saying how lies are being circulated. It must be conceded that most of whatever information has so far been posted on the launch announcement has been just speculation. The only piece of information that can be relied upon is the one on the voice actor from Mexico, Jorge Consejo having played “The Mexican” in GTA 6. Even that is neither here nor there since he is said to have done the recording in 2018 and cannot be tied to any immediate launch announcement.

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Samsung Galaxy M11 Officially Announced with Triple Cameras and 5000 mAh Battery



Galaxy M11 renders
  • Samsung Galaxy M11 has been launched today in the UAE.
  • The phone has decent specifications for a mid-segment smartphone.
  • Galaxy M11 has triple rear cameras and a huge 5000 mAh battery.
  • Official renders of the Samsung Galaxy M11 were also out recently and proved to be right.

What are the Specifications of Galaxy M11?

The Samsung Galaxy M11 has a 6.4-inch display that is HD+ PLS TFT LCD type display with a screen resolution of 720 x 1,560 pixels. Samsung has chosen the Infinity-O display. The processor is the Snapdragon 450 SoC which has a clocking speed of 1.8GHz. This was recently confirmed from a listing found on Google Play Console.

The RAM support for this processor will be in two variants, 3GB and 4GB. There will be internal storage of 32GB and 64GB respectively on these variants. The storage can be increased up to even 512GB through a microSD card. The OS will be Android 10 with the corresponding One UI2.0 as the interface.

What about the Camera Section and Battery?

The recently leaked renders clearly showed a triple camera setup in the rear comprising a 13MP primary shooter, supported by a 5MP ultrawide lens and a 2MP depth camera. These are placed in a vertical line one below the other on one side of the back panel. The LED flash is located outside of the module. The front camera for selfies is an 8MP sensor.

Galaxy M11

Official renders of the Samsung Galaxy M11

On the rear panel, there is a fingerprint sensor. You cannot miss the fingerprint sensor as most budget phones tend to have. The color variants are Black, Purple and Sky Blue are the colors in which Samsung will be releasing this Galaxy M11 smartphone.

The battery is a humongous 5,000mAh one. The wired fast charging support is 15W. The Type-C port and the 3.5mm jack are also part of the specifications. The communication options will all be there including Bluetooth v4.2. The Samsung Galaxy M11 may also be equipped with a facial ID in addition to the fingerprint sensor.

Though the phone has been listed on the official Samsung website in the UAE, we are not sure when the device will be ready for shipments. All companies are launching their devices through online events and it does not take much effort. The price of this device is also not clear yet.

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GTA 6 -New Evidence on the Game Exposed Through a Resume of a Voice Actor



  • The actor Jorge Consejo from Mexico is the voice actor to have worked on GTA 6.
  • A little embarrassed by the unintended exposure, Consejo has tweeted that he cannot confirm due to NDA.
  • This is one more hint being cited by fans to claim the launch of GTA 6 can be expected anytime.

What is it About the Voice Actor?

Of the many rumors about the GTA 6 gameplay, one is about the South American angle and there may be scenes with Mexican characters. If you go by what you see in Hollywood movies, GTA 6 can have Mexican characters speaking in English with an accent. The Mexican actor Jorge Consejo could have been roped in as a voice actor. In all such cases, there is an NDA or non-disclosure agreement where those involved with the production of the game are not allowed to share any information in public.

In the case of Jorge Consejo, it was due to inadvertence that his resume makes an entry where he claims to have played the role of “The Mexican” in GTA 6. Interestingly, he says the work was done in 2018. This was sufficient to get fans going all out to claim that they have been all the time correct in saying that the game is ready for release and that Rockstar could be coming out with the announcement soon.

An embarrassed Jorge Consejo has then posted a message on his Twitter that due to contract stipulations; he is not in a position to reveal anything on GTA 6 at this stage.

Does it clear the Confusion on the Release Date?

The fact that this voice actor did his work in 2018 does not mean anything since these games are developed over 4-5 years. Though this development does give more way to rumors, there is no definite clue on when the official announcement on GTA 6 and the actual release will happen. The best-educated guess at this juncture would be that if there is confirmation on the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 by the year-end or during the holiday shopping season, Rockstar/ EA may decide to release GTA 6 as well.

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