It looks like Google apps and Google services, including its famous Google Maps app, have become more than important for people in their day to day lives. For one, they are able to access routes, to looks for the exact location of a business or a hotel, basically, go all around the world with a click of a button. The problem with this comes when people use these apps to scam others.

How is that happening?

Well, for one, businesses may try to sabotage other businesses by changing their contact info or people can change the contact info of a shop and turn it into a different business altogether.

In order to fight this issue, Google has a number of contributors to Google Maps that check and update the info on these establishments. Among the top 10 most-trusted ones is Sydney Eatz. Due to her medical condition that makes it mandatory for her to eat often, she got around to adding places on Google Maps, mostly restaurants in Toronto.

In order to confirm the location of a building, Google will send out a postcard with a code on it that the owner will have to enter while setting up his location on the map.

However, people would bypass this process by making the address for this postcard be a post office box. Another way to trick people is by pinning the location and even making up a fake website for the business where people can make a reservation for a hotel, for a dinner or even other services, only to later find out that it is all a front.

Last but not least, another popular tactic that people may use is that they can replace the phone numbers from banks or institutions with their own in order to be called, pretend they are a clerk working there and get all the person’s information, leading to identity theft or even getting control over their bank account, in a worst-case scenario.

Applications People are Sabotaging Google Maps – Why it is a Problem