Good news for Tom Clancy’s The Division fans! The latest update issued by Ubisoft Massive is now available on all platforms. But what does update 1.8.1 bring? Well, one of the best things it brings is an improvement in the quality of life. Moreover, you will also find some new Global Events, Commendations, and many others.

Global Events

The new Global Events you will encounter are called Blackout and Onslaught. These are some brand new additions. One thing you need to know is that Blackout grants you some Shock Ammo that helps you stun your enemies. If you run or shoot, you will build the charge meter, which leads to even more damage. Meanwhile, Onslaught offers various damage statues, besides the regular one. Reload the clip if you want to change the effect.

Other Changes

At the same time, the Classified Gear drop rates increased. Now, Legendary Missions have a 20% chance of granting. If you like the Optimization Station, you should know that the Div Tech drops increased to 25, for the Crafting, Daily Combat, Dark Zone, or Survival quests. With the Special Vendor, you will also find some Classified Gear cache, which comes guaranteed with one piece.

But there’s more! There are more than 40 new Commendations, which you can unlock in the new Global Events. Moreover, you will find some new Legendary Difficult Missions, such as Amherst’s Apartment or Grand Central Station. Another change the team implemented is the Exotic Loot drop. They removed the Premium Vendor Exotics from the Open World loot pool, as well as the Exotic Caches. Finally, all Exotics were added to the Open World Bosses.

Last but not least, the Classified Firecrest 6 piece talent will make you immune to the explosion made by the burning targets. All in all, people seem to be excited about this update and are ready to try out all the changes.

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