Twitter Snapchat

The latest buzzword after reports from Bloomberg that Twitter Inc was working on something like Snapchat seems to be true. They are on their way to upstage Snapchat’s popularity by accommodating pictures along with the existing feature of using just texts. They finally plan to adjust to the current demands of young users and be more engaging and thereby capitalize on it.

This is not surprising as its CEO Jack Dorsey has always been open to changes and innovation. He has been able to attract more users because of this mantra. He has also in the past admired Snapchat’s features and called them “very modern”.

Twitter vs Snapchat

The microblogging service decides to be more proactive to photographs like Snapchat. This comes after the realization that photographs are the most popular way of sharing news.  Twitter is apparently working on many new features for its blog but the most prominent one is where photo sharing will be allowed. They plan to upgrade the existing feature “Twitter Moments” and allow users to upload location-based pictures and videos just like Snapchat’s “Discover” feature. It is a simple process which will enhance the user experience on Twitter just like its rival, Snapchat.

Twitter’s new feature will be a game changer in the existing economics of this blog since companies will now be able to advertise and sponsor them. They will be able to keep up with their “what’s happening” tag and increase revenues after years of stagnation. This new feature is an incentive as it will be able to attract more users who have been partial to Snapchat. They will be able to diversify the user demography and thereby change the perception of young users by being friendlier and less confusing.

Interestingly, Twitter may also let advertisers use sponsored content in between the photos and videos tweeted by the users. According to CNBC, Twitter would also be able to increase its advertising revenue this way. Let’s wait and watch what future holds!

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