Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is already a certified success for the company. They recently released a statement saying that an update for the game will be released later this month.

Deviljho – what game fans wanted to see

The main attraction of this update is going to be Deviljho. Gamers were already aware before the release of the game that this monster was going to be introduced in the first free update.

How will he change gameplay? Well, apart from having a new monster to hunt down to the player’s pleasure, this one has parts which can be used to craft two new armor sets, Vangis α and Vangis β. The studio also said that this update is going to include an entry for every weapon type and a number of new designs for weapons.

When is the update coming out?

On March 22 PS4 and Xbox One users may download this patch, including the much awaited Deviljho. Moreover, due to complaints of players not letting other players carve in order to get their rewards, they are now implementing a “do not disturb” policy with this update. Players are no longer able to stop others or hit them when they are carving.

Capcom to give out free vouchers

On the 16th of March Capcom is going to give out a free Character Edit Voucher, available for both PlayStation and Xbox. This will let you modify your gender and appearance but the name or the appearance of your Palico.

If players want to make other changes to their character after they use this voucher, the game studio said that they are going to release vouchers that one can purchase in order to change their appearance sometime in the near future. The studio is also preparing a number of fun activities which will certainly interest every player.

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