What is this new game that has got fans outraged? Well, Hunt down the Freeman is a recently released game that is set during the timeline of the Half-Life games. However, this is not a mod or a DLC, it is a standalone game.

What has got fans so upset?

Since the game came out 7 days ago on Steam it has already received a huge amount of negative reviews from Half-Life fans. How many bad reviews, you ask? Well, more than 75% of the reviews are negative. To be specific, out of 351 reviews around 291 of them were negative.

What is the studio being accused of?

If one tries to look at the reasons it becomes very clear that all these reviews have 2 things in common. For starters, Royal Rudius Entertainment, the studio that made the game, is being accused of stealing various mods without asking for permission which is a serious offense.

What does the studio say about this? A spokesperson said that they have not stolen anything and that the mods that they used were either purchased by them or they had permission to use them as they wished. For example, the soldier models that appear throughout the game were a mod bought from TurboSquid which allowed them to use it however they wanted for commercial purposes.

When someone stated that the studio clearly ripped off a car model and used it for their own, the spokesperson said that that particular model is a DLC file that they are allowed to use.

So far it looks like the studio has backed up their side pretty well.

Are there other things that the studio supposedly stole?

Other people have claimed that the studio ripped off textures from Firearms: Source. However, a spokesperson reported that after they analyzed the textures and the models that were supposedly ripped off from them, they found that no theft has taken place and that things are okay. Royal Rudius Entrainment did not steal from them.

Last but not least, users have pointed out that Hunt down the Freeman has very similar elements that Black Mesa used as well. A representative from them has not yet responded but it look like, yet again, the studio is in the right and that they have not stolen anything.

Second major complaint

The second thing that a majority of people have complained about cannot be as easily settled as the first one. What are we talking about? Well, people that have played the game complained that the experience was not a pleasant one and that the game is not finished. Some of the things that they have complained about could ruin everyone’s game experience such as there being no cutscenes, losing your weapons out of nowhere between battle zones, the game crashing when there are load screens, invisible enemies attacking you out of nowhere and many more.

The creator of the game admitted that this is all due to their mistake. Berkan Danizyaran, the creator, said that a wrong, unfinished version of the game was uploaded. Instead of the updated version being released, a person uploaded an older version. At the moment they are trying to collect all the files and fix as many bugs as possible for a re-launch of the game on Steam on the 5th of March.

Despite all of this, people doubt that the game could be saved and reborn. When playing it, there is no clear indication or pointer for you to go in the right direction so one may get lost more than once. It is unclear if the new game version will be better received but all we have to do is wait and see.

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