Social applications are very popular throughout the world; many people are almost addicted to them. Developers know that and are trying to improve them every day. WhatsApp users are about to be very happy because their favorite application will receive new “powers” thanks to future updates. The new capabilities will make them see the amazing app in a different way.

As we all know, WhatsApp is constantly updating in order to offer users outstanding experiences while chatting with people all over the world every day. The app is available to both iOS and Android users, so it’s understandable that billions of messages, including photos and videos are sent every day.

New features for a brighter chatting experience

The new feature could be about prioritizing certain notifications; in this way, the important news will stand forward as you plan them. For this, a ‘Notification Channel’ has been created. The system has categories that can be controlled by each user individually. For each of the notifications can be turned on or off and they can receive different importance levels. If there are any urgent messages, sounds will be heard and pop-ups will appear on the screen. The messages can be categorized according to the importance and, in every case, notifications differ. Each user can decide the notification’s sound and if an alert will appear when the screen is locked. In addition, people can decide which notification to receive.

We all see how helpful and interactive the WhatsApp feature can be. However, at the moment, it’s available only on devices which run Android Oreo. However, this isn’t the only news brought by WhatsApp. One of the newest beta versions presented by developers appears with a new button that allows you to switch video calls. If you are in the middle of a voice conversation and you get a video call, you can switch to the latter by only pressing a “button“.

All WhatsApp users agree that the new features presented by the app improve the chatting experience. All is easier and faster now.

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