iOS 11 Jailbreak with Cydia Support

People have already witnessed the release of iOS 11 jailbreak by LiberiOS back in December 2017. In fact, it was intended for iOS 11 through 11.1.2. Well, a lot of iPhone users were curious as to whether or not there will be future support for iOS 11.2 or 11.2.2.

Just recently, a toolkit for iOS 11 through 11.1.2 was released by known hacker and developer Coolstar. This was called the Electra jailbreak toolkit, which was intended for developers of jailbreak to test their themes and tweaks.

There were rumors that the Electra jailbreak is better than LiberiOS. This is due to the fact that Electra has a Cydia substrate alternative called the Substitute, which enables you to install jailbreak themes and tweak for that matter.

The only downside with Electra is that it doesn’t include Cydia, which shouldn’t be that easy to install the jailbreak tweaks or apps. However, it has a similarity to the LiberiOS jailbreak. So, ensure that you have backed up your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with the use of the iTunes.

The problem with the current iOS 11 jailbreak is the lack of Cydia support. Thus, people are wondering if there will ever be a jailbreak that works with Cydia. Users are then advised to wait for proper feedback before trying them.

Therefore, it is recommended that you should wait for Cydia having an iOS 11 support that would be released first. Installing jailbreak apps and tweaks is possible with the jailbreak toolkit of Electra.

Nevertheless, you should manually install Cydia, since it wouldn’t work yet with iOS 11. This would mean that you have to download the .deb and the .theme folder onto your computer. The only constraint is that this would be time-consuming for jailbreak developers to update their iOS 11.

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