Saurik to Release Updates On iOS 11 Jailbreak

Jay Freeman is known for his Cydia update, but it wasn’t compatible with iOS 11. He also goes by the name Saurik, who said that he is working on Cydia and Cydia Substrate for the iOS 11. Unfortunately, Saurik was not able to provide a release date on when he will reveal it. Moreover, he wasn’t able to report about its progress.

The good news is that there are rumors stating that Cydia for iOS 11 would be released soon based on the debs packages’ change in date. This was after Saurik made a statement that this was due to the extraction of some old Substrate packages.

The extraction was done directly into that folder, which intends to verify changes in the runtime library dependencies. This wasn’t due to the fact that Saurik was preparing for Cydia’s release.

That being said, he was able to reveal that he was about to finish iOS 11-compatible Cydia substrate. According to Saurik, he has been working to put together a replacement for user space in the exploit tooling. But it was with the help of a popular jailbreak developer. He stated that this will be done in a surprise reveal in he will release the name of that person.

In addition, he was able to test the compatibility of Cydia Substrate on test devices. Nevertheless, he requires more work in order to get Cydia installer stack-ported to iOS 11. According to him, there is still one issue that has kept him from getting it done. This is choosing not to bypass sandbox. This is because a lot of things wouldn’t work on iOS 11 without bypassing sandbox, which is due to the process-exec-interpreter.

Fortunately, Saurik has a plan to solve this dilemma. The only thing that is keeping him from completing his work is the evolution of things related to jailbreaking. Stay updated for the latest release date of iOS 11 jailbreak by visiting this webpage more often.

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