iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks

Many have anticipated the arrival of iOS 11 jailbreak tweaks. It was mentioned on a Twitter post by Coolstar that a toolkit for tweak developers and designers will arrive in order to test some themes and tweaks for iOS 11. In fact, it has Preference Loader, libsubstitute, Anemone, SSH, SCP, SFTP, and GNU command line utilities that comes preinstalled with these tweaks.

Well, Coolstar just released the jailbreak tool Electra for iOS 11 through 11.1.2. This was intended to enable developers to test their jailbreak themes and tweaks. The release of LiberiOS jailbreak was the first or iOS 11, but it lacked Cydia and its Substrate for iOS 11. So, it will not be possible for the installation and use of tweaks in order to customize the iOS devices.

The Electra jailbreak tool is better than LiberiOS because it comes with Substitute. This is the alternative to Cydia substrate that was first developed by Comex. This would allow users to install and use jailbreak tweaks compatible to iOS 11.

You only have to install jailbreak themes and tweaks manually because it doesn’t include Cydia. Here are some compatible jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11 through 11.1.2. Take note that some tweaks would work only after using Electra jailbreak toolkit beta 4 that was recently released.

Among the jailbreak tweaks you can use for iOS 11 are Anemone, Alkaline, Dark Messages, MinimalHUD, Noctis11 beta, No Page Dots 7, Roman Passcode, and Zepplin, among many others.

These tweaks have successfully been tested to work on the said range of iOS firmware. The list also include Actual Battery, ByeByeHUD, Date in Statusbar, FavoriteEmojis, Gravity, Ghostly, NoMoreSeparators, SystemInfo, ScramblePass, and Wallmart, with plenty others more.

CoolStar is an iOS developer who was able to release the new jailbreak tool called Electra. This jailbreak tool uses the same open-source ftp0 exploit released by security researcher Ian Beer in December 2017.

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