It’s about time WhatsApp realized that it can take a lot of time to make a video call and then stop it to continue the call in just voice mode. The idea was there for a long time, but it took a lot of testing before it could reach beta testing in WhatsApp. After a few months, WhatsApp has released it and closely watched if the users saved more time when they made the switch between voice and video calls and vice versa.

Saving Time is a Priority for WhatsApp Users

Of course, it is time saving to switch between video and voice call and not close the call to change it. In the beta version, there is a new button which you have to tap on to make the switch between voice and video calls.

How will the feature work in a real situation? Let’s say you’re calling your friend through voice call, but after you talk for a bit, you want to show them something. Instead of ending the call and making a new call with the video feature, you will only have to press a button and continue the same conversation with video support. As you can imagine, it saves a lot of time rather than closing the call, going back to chat and making a video call.

You Have to Either Accept or Reject the Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

There are a few little details to this feature too. If you are in a voice call on WhatsApp, you can make it a video call by pressing that button and WhatsApp will send a video call request to that person you’re talking to. The voice call will be switched to video call only it the other person accepts it and the same goes for turning the video call into a voice call. If the recipient will not accept to switch from a mode to another, the call will not get converted.

As for iOS users, there are no official notes about this feature at the moment

If you want to check this feature out, get the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and see for yourself. This feature is only available to users that have WhatApp beta on Android, and it has to be the latest version of the beta: 2.18.4 and newer. For those patient enough, the feature will soon be released, but we don’t know the official release date.

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