iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Jailbreak

There should be a ray of hope in consideration to the much awaited jailbreak of iOS 11 and 11.1.2 through Cydia. In a recent update, Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia, has made some announcements regarding the imminent release of the said iOS jailbreak.

It was already confirmed that Freeman has been working with some experienced personalities in the jailbreak community in order to bring light to the upcoming iOS 11 support in Cydia. This update has been supported by the website, which confirms that information stated there has been made more recently.

The information has leaked because of the sudden change in its arbitrary date in 2017, which means that there were improvements made just recently. So, speculations about the upcoming release for iOS 11 jailbreak couldn’t be avoided.

Although this has been considered as a mere speculation, the jailbreak community has realized that changes should be getting nearer. So no matter how vague the update has been, supporters are expected to be waiting until this becomes a reality.

In a statement made by Saurik, Freeman’s other popular name, there is a surprise reveal coming up for the supporters of iOS jailbreak tools. Thus, people have been wondering if the well-known developer that would help Freeman achieve this jailbreak was CoolStar. However, it was denied by the said developer, and that he wasn’t the one working with Saurik.

This led to the speculation that Saurik has been working with another expert whose name will be revealed after the jailbreak project goes public. Nevertheless, it was confirmed in the update that the exact release date has not been mentioned yet. Although there were rumors that it will be released soon, it was confirmed by Saurik that the project is nearing completion. Moreover, he confirms that he was the one responsible in doing most of the work, while most of the talented individuals developing the exploit have left the scene.

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