Say hello to this old guy who got revamped in 2017! We are talking about the world’s favorite mobile phone and brand, the Nokia 3310.

HMD Global has revived the ‘brick phone’ and has also created Nokia smartphones that run Android OS. In a world where smartphones rule the markets, what were they thinking when they rolled out the exact opposite?

Nostalgia or Practicality?

For nostalgic purposes, yes it brings back a lot of great memories, but once you pick up that mobile phone, you will see exactly what you saw back then: a simple phone, with no support for modern features or apps and just a basic OS. If you just want to make traditional phone calls and break some walls, go buy it. Just kidding!

A New OS Might Make Nokia 3310 Popular Again

The awesome news is that the operating system that the new Nokia 3310 might get a remake and could make the phone in a 4G version. The leaks that have recently surfaced show us that there are some TENAA listings in which the 3310 could get 4G and run on YunOS.

The YunOS was developed by Alibaba group and it runs Android apps because it is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) from Google. This OS is used in China, where 157 million devices run this platform, according to the Alibaba reports.

So, if we will see Nokia 3310 with YunOS, then the phone might have a chance of becoming a favorite for those that are looking for a budget smartphone. The phone could be able to run basic messaging apps, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and it will certainly be an improvement.

Along with some better specifications inside that old-timey body, it should have more success than what it saw at the launch.

Applications Nokia’s 4G 3310 to be Available with WhatsApp Soon