The famous survival horror game reached only 4 million sales, while the developer had a 10 million target. To save the situation, those in the US can benefit from 50 % off on the base price of the game and those in UK benefit from 40% off.

Capcom wants to generate more money with Resident Evil 7

The price cut happened early in December and the Gold Edition of the game was also released. The Gold Edition includes all downloadable content, End of Zoe DLC and Not a Hero included.

The price did not change on Steam

The $24 price on Steam remains the same because of the 50% price cut and now, the 20% discount. It is possible for future sales to bring the price even lower passed the $20 range.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The game developed and published by Capcom was released in January 2017 and it is available for PS4, Windows and Xbox One.

The eleventh title of the main entry of the Resident Evil franchise is the first one allowing players to use a first-person perspective.

The Storyline

Ethan Winters is desperately searching his wife Mia and ends up in a derelict plantation, where the Baker family lives. The Baker family attacks him and also Molded, scary human bacteria. The game is less action oriented than previous titles; however, it is more focused on puzzle solving and exploration. The horror element is present as usual. The game’s graphics, design and gameplay have been praised, while the decreased resolution has been criticized.

The player, portraying Ethan, is able to perform a couple of combat skills and he can use several weapons such as handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, chainsaws and different types of explosives. Ethan can also turn 180 degrees to avoid direct combat.

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