The Diablo series will receive once more the annual homage through Diablo 3. This annual Darkening of Tristram event will take place on the 1st of January, 2018 at 12 a.m. PT. This event was held for the first time during the 20th anniversary of the Diablo series.

Diablo 3

The Darkening of Tristram event will come with characters looking quite retro and players will be able to enjoy a pixilated filter bringing back a mid-90s air to the game. Small pieces of audio and matching animation will also be used.

The 2017 anniversary event was available for Mac, PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions and it included exclusive items such as transmogrifications such as Wirt’s leg ad Butcher’s cleaver, plus cosmetics.

The 2018 event will start on the 2st of January and will last until the 30th.

Blizzard Entertainment offers details

On the official Diablo 3 website, Blizzard Entertainment offers some insight. The Darkening of Tristram event will bring nostalgia and also some special features:

  • Anniversary dungeon
  • Unique rewards
  • Mysterious cultists who must be stopped
  • Adventure Mode
  • Clues into Tristram’s past
  • Iconic items
  • Familiar enemies
  • The Dark Lord inside the deep catacombs
  • New loot: achievements, portraits, pets and unique transmogrification
  • Rewards

Fans react on SNS

Many fans hurried to comment about the annual event, especially on the official Diablo 3 website. A user said that he doubts this event will make him feel as scared as he was when he played Diablo 1 and faced The Butcher. Another one hopes there are new lots for those who competed in last year’s event and maybe even get the Veil of Steel. Others are not as optimistic and doubt anything new will come during the event.

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