Both Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8 have had Android Oreo for some time. If you’re still behind in the OS department and want to give it a try, then you can check in your phone’s settings for the major update.

Looking at the many features Android Oreo offers, we can’t help but wonder what will happen with the support for Project Treble on the newest Android version.

And our questions have been finally – and unfortunately – answered.

Google’s Project Treble Equals Fast and Easy Updates for Android

This means that Google will send updates faster by separating vendor implementation from the Android operating system framework through a new vendor partition.

Google has also required that all the phones that launch with Android 8.0+ will have support for Treble. But it looks like not every phones that were released in 2017 come with Project Treble support. They did receive Android 8.0, but not Treble.

But how can you check if your smartphone supports Treble? It’s very easy and you only need to download an app from Google Play – Termux. Once you get it installed on your phone, you will have to open it and copy the following command: getprop ro.treble.enabled

After this command, if you get the answer: true – it means that Treble is enabled on your phone.

We did the same thing on both Samsung Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 that have been updated to Android Oreo. Unfortunately, neither of the two supports Treble.

The news is pretty sad; as smaller manufacturers have already incorporated Treble support in their Oreo beta.

There is still hope that Samsung will enable Treble support on a future and stable Oreo version, but the chances are slim. And that’s because Treble is not a feature that is seen in the UI, so it can be pushed in Beta form.

Will the loss of Project Treble support affect the Samsung 2017 Galaxy phones?

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