A new iOS 11 jailbreak will arrive soon and the news was shared by Saurik, Jay Freeman, Cydia’s creator. Many had doubts about a possible jailbreak for iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1. This was the case after Apple stopped signing the firmware and users could not downgrade or upgrade to a specific iOS version.

Saurik confirmed for Reddit

Cydia’s creator confirmed for Reddit that he is currently working on an iOS 11 update. Everyone has now high hopes that an iOS 11 jailbreak will be released soon enough.

He declared for Reddit that unfortunately, Cydia does not generate enough money and he has a day job. Even so, he is taking the time to work on an iOS 11 update due to his passion for the concept jailbreaking represents. According to Saurik, he has many difficulties, but he decided not to give up and continue to believe in jailbreaking.

Cydia is not doing very well

As Saurik explained, running Cydia is not easy and he is doing the best he can to cover the necessary costs. Apple has also made Saurik’s job harder, by patching up any issue as quickly as possible. Jailbreaking is not as easy as it uses to be.


Jay Freeman developed the package manager mobile app for iOS named Cydia. It allows users to install softwares on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPods. This software has a graphical user interface (GUI) to jailbroken users and it is based on Advanced Packing Tools (APT).

Those who decide to jailbreak their device are still able to buy and download apps from the official App Store. Most packages available through Cydia are extensions and modifications for the interface of Apple’s OS. There are also emulators able to run images of old game consoles.

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