Last week Windows Phone users received an exclusive feature for WhatsApp beta. The feature made group messaging easier, by allowing users to reply only to a certain message in private to a member of the group.

Since WhatsApp is a mobile application, updates first appear on mobile devices. However, this feature was first available on the web version of WhatsApp, in Windows 10. Neither Android users nor iOS users have this feature and that is why it surprised use to see it released on Windows Phone.

The feature has been removed

The feature appeared expectantly, and that is also how it disappeared. At the end of the week WhatsApp released another version, reaching number 2.17.344. Users were surprised to discover that this new version removed the feature that was previously added. This function is the only one that was removed, and the other ones remain available on WhatsApp beta.

It is hard to say for sure why WhatsApp decided to take back the ability to send the private messages to someone participating in a group chat. However, there is a big chance that this feature was only temporarily removed and we might see It again in the future. It is very likely that we will see this on iOS and Android very soon.

WhatsApp beta users still can use other features that were added with the first update. Among them, there’s a new way to switch from a voice call to a video call, and a brand new look for calls. Users can also use “Advanced Group Settings” which is the ideal tool for the administrator of a group. With it the topic and the icon of the group can be changed. Messages can be blocked and there is even an option to disable chat.

Applications WhatsApp Beta Feature for Windows Phone Is Now Disabled