If you have ever played video games, you probably know what GTA is. This all-time favorite game has been played almost by any professional and amateur gamer. It is a masterful combination of two storylines. One storyline is created by the developers and the other one is created by the user during the game. Maybe that is the most distinctive feature, which is so important for the users. GTA V allows gamers to explore and to tell the story of the game by themselves.

It is a lead forward version of the game, which has already received a lot of attention from simple users and professional critics. This is one of the reasons why Rockstar Games has launched a set of gta v wallpapers for true and loyal fans.

Special Set of GTA Desktop Wallpapers

So, what does this special set of GTA V desktop wallpapers include?

You can customize your computer background with all kinds of pictures from your favorite game. The set includes both collective photos from GTA V and photos of single characters (main and secondary). For example, Franklin, Trevor, or Michael.

There is one bonus here. You can use these wallpapers not only on your PC but also on other devices. You can customize them for:

  • iPad;
  • iPhone;
  • Bold;
  • BlackBerry Storm, etc.

And if you have never played GTA, start with wallpapers. And then, download it. GTA V is one of the best versions of it. The storyline, the characters, the music, the graphics, everything is incredibly qualitatively made. The story in the game reflects the reality of today’s world – millennials, celebrities, economic crisis, the middle class, the media, modern video games, and so on. Another great feature of the game is the enormously detailed world, which brings the feeling of reality even more.

Generally, this version is much more improved and updated than all the previous ones. And the difference is quite noticeable. Everything connected to speed, race, and cars has been improved a lot. As all of us know, that, except the main characters, the biggest part of the game is about cars.

There are three main characters in GTA V – Trevor, Franklin, and Michael, who are connected with each other. One of the most affecting and the funniest moment in the game happen between these 3 characters, which brings new interesting elements to the game in general. The narrative story in GTA V catches your attention from the very beginning and keep you interested through the whole game.

To make a long story short, we recommend downloading GTA V on your computer if you haven’t done this yet. And, of course, don’t forget about a set of wallpapers, which were specifically created to celebrate one of the best releases of the game. As we have already mentioned, despite the fact that these wallpapers are particularly for Windows 10, they still can be easily customized for other devices.

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