The holiday season is here and many are looking to buy a treat for themselves or their loved ones. If you are struggling with your choice of smart speakers, then take a look to see if they made our list. Bringing voice computing into your home is important because we are living in a time of technological boom. You can also find many discounts during the holiday season. And some good offers are the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini for 29$ (the normal retail price is of 49$).

What can smart speakers do?

Depending on the model they can do plenty of things. The most important one is that using their voice, users can ask the voice option to perform certain actions: present the weather, the morning news, recipes, stream music, play radio or control their smart home.

Amazon Echo: worthy of the first place

There are several options to choose from: Echo Dot and All New Echo. According to Samantha Gordon, editor with, both the first and the second generation of speakers sound the same, even though Amazon promises a better sound for All New Echo.

Other available Amazon Echo smart speakers are Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Look and Echo Tap.

  • Echo Dot: it is a tiny speaker, with a retail price of 49$ and now available for 29$. The sound is tinny as well, but users have full Alexa functionality.
  • All New Echo: it I the second generation which should come with a better sound and a new fabric in color grey: Heather Grey Fabric. It costs around 79$.
  • Echo Plus: it has a built-in smart hub, able to locate smart lights, locks or any other smart home devices. It also comes with a free smart bulb. The price is higher, around 119, 99$.
  • Echo Show: it has the video option for Alexa. The device can also allow users to make video calls from one Alexa to another. A downer is the users cannot access YouTube, due to a dispute. The price is of 140$.
  • Echo Spot: smaller version of Echo Show, selling for 129 $.
  • Echo Look: a price of around 199$. It has a video camera user can put in their closet and when in front of it, they get photographed and receive sartorial advice on new Amazon Fashion.
  • Echo Tap: costs around 129$, with built-in Alexa. It does not have wires.

Google: can this giant offer greater smart speakers than Amazon?

In terms of technology, Google offers more advanced speakers than Amazon, especially in voice computing commands. It offers apps which do not require download. The music offered comes from Google Play, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and Tunein. The best smart speakers from Google are: Home, Home Max and Home Mini.

  • Google Home: available for 79$, with a new look.
  • Google Home Max: hi-fi sound and it costs around 399$.
  • Google Home Mini: maybe the best option. Available for 49$ and now on sale for 29$. The sound is tinny.

Sonos smart speakers

Many love the Sonos brand for their wifi speakers and greta sound. The company entered the market with Sonos One: great smart speakers for 199$. The smart speakers has Audio shines, FM sound and they are affordable.

For those who want to choose the spearkers in terms of sound quality, Sonos One is the best option available for a low price.

The best bargain is by far choosing the Google Home Mini for just 29$. The best speaker for overall features is Echo Classic by Amazon.

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