Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest Android version. While Oreo has been released a few months ago, back in August, there are very few smartphones that received the update. Google phones were the first ones and a few others followed after.

Many users have been waiting for the update, and it appears that the next ones who will receive it will be Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners.

Android 8.0 Oreo firmware posted online

The Oreo firmware built for Samsung Galxy Note 8 has appeared online which appeared to confirm that Samsung will release the update to the Note 8 series. According to many Reddit users the operating system is also functional, but it is only in the beta version right now.

For those who do not know this already, Smasung ususally prefers to test Android versions by inviting public software programmers to try them on flagship phones. They are the ones who give feedback, and only after that the update is released to the public. It appears that the company already started to do that and the Galaxy S8 is already tested in certain regions such as Europe, United States and South Korea.

Since this already started for the Galaxy S8 it might also suggest that the same testing process will begin soon for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If the programme starts by the end of the month this means that users might receive the update at the beginning of the year.

Android Oreo features

Oreo comes with numerous new additions and improvements. For example users will get the picture-in-picture mode that allows you to do two tasks at the same time. Oreo also brings Rescue Party, a tool which should help you with your device when bootloops occur.

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